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About Us Blog #1 Printers In Houston: How To Write An Incredible Resume That Will Land You The Job

Top-Rated Houston Printers: How To Write The Perfect Resume

Advanced Business Copiers walks you through the steps you need to take in order to write a killer resume that will catch the eye of the company you are applying to. Although we are living in the digital era in 2018, it is still important to remember to take a hard copy with you to every job interview as this will set you aside from the other candidates. It is very uncommon nowadays to see an interviewee bring a hard copy of their resume to the interview. It is incredibly noticeable and this will definitely make you stick out like a sore thumb. You want the person who is interviewing you to remember you and this is a great way to make a first impression. Make sure to check out our top-rated printers in Houston. 

1. Choosing Your Resume Style

There are a few types of resume templates that you may want to consider for applying for a job. Many of these will depend upon your personal circumstances and they include functional, chronological, a combination of both, as well as a targeted resume. One of the simplest templates to use is chronological which will list all of your past jobs from most recent to oldest. However, if you have limited employment experience you can also use this to showcase your skills and accomplishments. It is best for you to take your time in choosing the right type of resume for your specific needs and circumstances.

2. What Is The Right Font And Size?

It is essential that the right font and size are chosen for maximum legibility as well as the proper amount of "white space". It is also wise to keep certain style features such as underline, bold, bullets, and italics to a bare minimum. Try to use these styles to make certain sections of your resume "pop". You want to ensure that you use the same style and use it consistently.

3. Research Resume Examples

One of the best ways to succeed is to follow what others have done in the past. Look at sample resumes that can be found online and make them your own to fit your own circumstances. But looking over other resumes will help you know what information to include. Just remember that it is essential that you fully customize the template you are looking over, copying is not going to help. A resume is meant to show your individuality not your ability to copy and paste!

4. Using Various Online Templates

In addition to all of the samples that are online, a template is a great tool to help you get the wheels turning. Many templates allow you to simply fill in the blanks and add your own little twists and tweaks to personalize the template.

5. Using Keywords On Your Resume

A vast majority of companies use specialized recruiting software to assist in finding the right candidates for their job openings. To ensure that you are found for the right openings, you want to use the keywords that are going to target that specific field. Take the time to match your skills and qualifications to the position you are seeking. In addition to helping your resume get found by prospective employers, it will ensure that the hiring manager sees your qualifications right from the start.

6. Creating Perfect Job Descriptions

You will want to review all of the descriptions you have created for past jobs. Do they show the hiring manager that you are an ideal match for this current position? Do they impress you? Would you hire yourself? Take the time to make them impressive, yet honest.

7. Seek Out Resume Advice

Trying the write the perfect resume is a job in itself, and it is often wise to seek out help. There are countless guides and advice available for free on the internet. In addition, if you are a college student or alumnus, you can seek out help from the career department or counselor. You may want to seek out the help of a professional resume service or local free job services from your state. Take the time and save some money and see what is available in your area for free before hiring out a professional.

8. Proofreading

One of the most important things you can do for your resume is to edit it. Be sure you read over it and look for any errors, either grammatical or spelling. If you are unsure of your own skills, this is one of the options you will want to ask for help.

9. Print Out Your Resume Using The Best Printers In Houston

If you do not already own a printer, now is the perfect time to seek out the best printers in Houston has to offer. For more information on the products, we offer, click on "printers in Houston" or check out our blog for more related articles. If you have any questions or concerns make sure to contact us today by giving us a call.