Copier Maintenance Part 2

How To Maintain The Office Copier And Keep It In Working Order Part 2 Tip #5: Not All Supplies Are Designed Equally It is a known fact that toners vary according to their quality and viscosity. If you are not utilizing the correct toner for the copy machine, it is possible that you can cause severe damage to the equipment […]

Copier Maintenance Part 1

How To Maintain The Office Copier And Keep It In Working Order Part 1 If you are good to your office copier, then it is likely that your office copier will be good for you. The best way to maintain a good relationship with the copier is by learning about what keeps it in working order. By doing this, you […]

How To Print On Envelopes

A Quick Guide To Printing On Envelopes Marketing material designers and marketing executives understand the importance of using outgoing envelopes when it comes to sending out enveloped packages to prospective clients. Replies would more easily be facilitated for with the proper knowledge and application of the printing on envelopes. Come to think of it, it’s only the postcard that can […]

How To Fix A Paper Jam

Fix A Paper Jam With These 4 Easy Steps When operating any printer, it is inevitable that you will experience a paper jam. In some cases, it is the equipment’s fault where rollers become old and they are no longer able to hold the paper; however, it can also be the user’s fault where they believe using torn paper is […]