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About Us Blog Why Your Business Needs Office Printers In Houston Pt 1

Top 5 Reasons Your Business Still Needs Houston Office Printers

Part 1

So it's the year 2021. You've started to convince yourself that having physical printers at your office is something that should be left in the dust. After all, why would your office require a printer when the majority of your business is conducted virtually? While there is certainly nothing wrong with having the majority of your business going paperless, you do want to ensure you have a printer available at your office. Going paperless can help to boost your efficiency, but it can also be beneficial for the environment. However, you need to have access to a printer no matter what. To keep your business well-rounded, you'll need to have both printed materials and virtual documents circulating in your business. Here are some of the most important reasons it's still imperative to have a physical printer available and ready to use in your office.

1. You Might Be Paperless, But Are Your Customers?

This is a big one that you must consider. While you may be fully paperless, you need to consider whether or not your customers are. Not every customer is going to be completely on board with going paperless yet. Likewise, you have a unique business structure. You need to be certain that eliminating all physical papers is going to work for your customers. For instance, assume your an office supplies company and your responsibility is handing out physical invoices to your clients on their monthly purchases. However, your company is fully digital which means you deliver your invoices through a PDF. Unfortunately, one of your smaller clients is a "mom and pop" shop and they rarely use computers or even store documents digitally. They may not even know how to open a PDF file. They aren't going to be in a position to use a digital invoice much less be perfectly fine with having that as their only invoice method. This will not only be an inconvenience to your client, but it could cause them to take their business elsewhere since you're not meeting their needs as a customer.

2. Technological Issues

There is no need to tell us how often computers crash. We've all heard it and we've all experienced it. Unfortunately, it can happen at the worst possible time. In scenarios that are deemed 'worse-case,' you're company will lose everything from important personal data to spreadsheets and a variety of other things permanently. This can leave your business in the dark and it can prolong projects or even derail them completely. While we aren't saying that you have to go ahead and print out hard copies of everything, as that isn't necessary. Instead, it's important to keep hard copies of a lot of important documents and data that you cannot afford to lose forever. By printing this stuff out, you'll have a fallback option in the event you lose everything digitally. Call or contact Advanced Business Copier today for more information.