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About Us Blog 6 Steps To Help You Effectively Use Your Multifunction Copier For Scanning In Houston, TX

How To Use Houston Multifunction Copiers For Scanning

These days, it is fairly common to see multifunction devices (MFD) in offices. In addition to creating copies, the machines also can be used for faxing, scanning and/or printing documents. The increasing preference for these kinds of machines is mainly due to the fact that it is more cost-efficient to purchase an MFD than it is to buy a separate scanner, printer, and/or copier. It also enables office building owners to save on space. Rather than allocating spare for three separate machines, all that is needed is space for one instead. If you have Houston multifunction copiers that work as scanners as well and aren't sure how they can be used to can, you can use the following guide.

1. Load the document.

Put the document printed side down on the copier glass or printed side up in the feeder tray. If you have multiple sheets to scan, place the papers on the glass one sheet at a time, or place the stack of paper in the document tray at one time.

2. Press on the machine's 'Scan And Send' button.

This step is relatively easy to accomplish. You'll just have to find the scan button and the send button to do this successfully.

3. Indicate the scanned document's recipient.

If you are sending the document to somebody in your office or yourself, press on 'Address Book' and then choose from the names in the listing. Depending on your device's model and/or brand, you might just need to tap on your desired recipient's name or press on the box next to the name. If the person you want to send it to is not in the Address Book, then you will need to enter the person's email address manually.

4. Select your preferred scan setting.

Here you can change the type of image, resolution, color mode, file format, etc. Press on the 'Option' button along with the button that corresponds to the feature that you want to change in order to make any necessary alterations. For example, typically PD is a scanned document's default format. If you would like to change this to JPEG, then just tap the file format button and choose the 'JPEG' option.

5. Scan and send your document.

Press on the 'Start' button to start the scanning process. After the scanning is complete, a screen that contains the button 'Start Sending' will appear. Press that button to send your file to your recipient(s).

6. Remove your document after it is scanned.

After the machine finishes scanning and sending your document, set the machine to its normal model. Then press the 'Copy' button located on the machine's display panel. It is very important to note that some multifunction copiers do not have this scan and send feature, especially earlier models. For an older model, rather than sending a scanned document by email, you will need to save it to the networker server or a memory media. This process involves using a copier to scan documents with a scan and storage option that is quite similar to a scan and send feature. The main difference is the button will probably say 'Scan And Store/Save' instead of 'Scan and Send.' After pressing the button, the various storage options will appear - Memory Media and Network. After you choose one of those options, if necessary, choose a destination folder. Then do steps 4 and 5 from above. Finally, remember that a multifunction copier's features will vary depending on what the model and brand is. Therefore, it is possible that certain steps that we have discussed in this article might not work with your copier. If that is the case, then consult your manual or request help from a professional. Advanced Business Copiers offers a variety of IT Network services that you can check out by clicking here. For more information on Houston multifunctional printers, please feel free to call us now or contact Advanced Business Copier today! Visit our blog for more related articles!