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About Us Blog A Closer Look At The Houston Office Equipment You Will Want For Your Home Part I

17 Items You Need To Set Up An Efficient Home Office – Part 1

Need a checklist for setting up your home office? Any time a person begins to set up their home office, one of two things happen; they are either unable to easily identify the equipment they need or the technology they really need often goes underestimated. This leaves them struggling to quickly do their work while at home. This clearly leaves individuals becoming overwhelmed by the thought of meeting every one of those needs down to the last staple.

Some Of The Items You Will Need For Your Home Office

In all cases, it won’t be a surprise to find yourself running around in circles before you will be able to focus your efforts and create a home office that will help you be productive. To avoid all the hustle that comes with creating a home office, use the following checklist to develop as a well-rounded and yet streamlined list of what you will need in your home office. You can also use this check the list items you absolutely need by simply circling them. This will help you create a prioritized list of your home’s office essentials.

A Computer

A computer is an important part of a home office and applied to most of us. There are few people or business owners who have the ability to work at home without the need of a computer. As such, you need to do a bit of research by trying to identify if a computer will meet your specific needs. However, you should consider investing in a laptop so that you can create a mobile office when the need arises.


You will clearly need a monitor if you have a desktop computer. However, it can still be useful (better for the neck also) to have the monitor plugged into the laptop. Also, depending on the kind of work you do, you may need dual monitors.

High-Speed Internet Access

The days of being able to work with a dial-up connection have become something of the past. To work efficiently online, investing in broadband connection is paramount.


General, you will need a space for a traditional desk where you can create a correct workstation. However, if you need to be creative, you can make a counter, table, or flat surface work.


Take time and select a chair that is comfortable for you. In other words, you should invest in a good chair. It is important to remember that chairs are an important part of an effective home office. At the same time, ergonomics count when it comes to sitting, so it is paramount to ensure that you have tested your chair before making any purchases.

Adequate Lighting

Just like the way a chair is important in an economic home office, so is having an adequate light level. You do not have to deal with the eyes straining and headaches because of poor lighting or simply using excessive light that is too high to read.

VoIP or Telephone

VoIP is an internet-based phone service, which has proven to benefit businesses. Also, investing in a mobile phone for your home office is a plus. This means that you may not need the traditional landline telephone. Nonetheless, having access to phone service is a plus.


There are certain businesses that need specialized software to perform certain works. The most common application needed applications to include spreadsheet, word processing, and email management software. On the other hand, some businesses simply need basic applications to run a home office.

Network Router

The is an item that is not always needed but can be a necessity if you are operating more than one computer, which all need access to the internet. At the same time, you may need a wireless connection if you have a laptop and computers in different locations. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us or call Advanced Business Copier today!