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About Us Blog The Average Lifespan Of Printers In Houston Pt 2

How Long A Houston Copier Last?

Part 2

How Can I Extend The Useful Lifespan Of My Printer?

In order to make your machine last much longer than expected, you'll need to keep an eye on it at all times. Simply setting and forgetting it may not work. Even if your printing needs are actually lower than the manufacturer's estimated monthly clicks number, you must perform regular maintenance for preventative purposes. Most devices issue maintenance alerts to let you know that the time has come to conduct such works. Furthermore, you should always use parts and materials that are either created or recommended by the manufacturer. These are the so-called OEM parts (original equipment manufacturer). By using only OEM parts, you can extend the longevity of your machine.

How To Know When To Replace My Old Printer Or Copier With A New One?

Regardless of how much you care for your device, a printer's useful life will eventually come to an end. This isn't saying that you should wait until your machine falls to pieces to consider a replacement. One of the most important things to consider is the availability of OEM parts to replace the ones that break. The rule of the thumb is that manufacturers are only required to produce OEM spare parts for seven more years after a model has been discontinued. Should you be using your printer for more than seven years after that specific model is discontinued, you may not be able to repair it, as you won't find replacements for any broken parts. That's the right time to retire your printer. In addition, manufacturers have the right to discontinue a printer's firmware and security updates after seven years. This would pose a huge security threat to your company, as you won't be able to protect your business and your sensitive customer data against cyber attacks. Briefly put, the useful lifetime of a printer depends on choosing the right model for your company and performing proper maintenance.

Managed Print Solutions

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