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About Us Blog Backup and Data Recovery Solutions

In this day and age, businesses can’t afford to not have a data backup and recovery plan, especially for their most critical data. Data loss can happen in many different ways. The most common causes are an accidental error, loss, theft, or physical failure to computers. The basic rule for business data protection is that if losing the data will interfere with doing business, back it up. Desktop software programs can be reinstalled if required, but recovering the details of transactions or business correspondence is impossible if those files are lost or damaged beyond repair. Here are some reliable methods of data backup for your consideration:

Cloud Storage

Using online backup services makes backing up your data easy - which is just one of the reasons cloud computing is ideal for small businesses. But cloud services can still be vulnerable to data loss via hacking or employee sabotage. You should still take occasional local backups of cloud data. At Advanced Business Copiers, we offer a Cloud Management tool to manage and monitor a business cloud service, applications and infrastructure.

USB (Thumb) Drives

USB sticks are constantly increasing in capacity and are ideal for quick data backups. While not having the capacity of external hard drives they have fast data transfer rates and are highly portable. You can easily backup data to a USB drive and take it offsite. As they have no moving parts, USB drives are very reliable.

Local Area Network (LAN) Storage

If you have a local area network (LAN) you can also backup files to another computer or server. However, if the backup machine resides in the same location it may be vulnerable to theft or damaged by fire or flood. To prevent theft a server can be installed in a locked cage, cabinet, or closet. Advanced Business Copiers can also offer devices that will connect to a business LAN network to avoid any data loss and network failure. Advanced Business Copier offers network security solutions to keep your business and customers secure. We provide cost-effective and secure remote backup and recovery services that will help you meet all of your data security and regulatory requirements. Contact us today!