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About Us Blog The Benefits of Colored Printing For Your Business

Should Color Be Your Next Business Printing Buy?

Advanced Business Copier | Color Printing Houston TX

Color printing played an important role in business for many decades. From the most carefully-prepared marketing materials to everyday necessities like business cards, a significant fraction of all business printing in Houston demands color. But there's also a question that follows right behind that demand: Do you need to equip your business with the in-office capability to do quality color printing? Look out for these warning signs that it's time to stop outsourcing your color printing work:

Big Invoices At The Print Shop

The cost of printing fresh flyers, brochures, cards, and other color materials is literally part of the cost of doing business. Is it starting to eat up too much of your marketing budget? Are those print shop invoices starting to look scary? If you're engaging in a lot of marketing work and each fresh campaign demands color printing, it may be time to move the job into your own organization.

Color Projects Messing Up Your Schedule

Picking up and dropping off jobs at the local print shop is a bit of a pain. The bigger time concern you should look at is how outsourcing your color printing work puts you at the mercy of your vendor when it comes to completing potentially time-sensitive projects. If you find yourself paying expedited service fees on top of basic printing costs, it's probably time to reassess the impact that a multifunction device or color printer will have on your equipment budget.

Customers Are Ignoring Your Invoices

Did you know that strategic use of color on your customer invoices can improve their rate of payment? It's true! Studies show that a properly-designed invoice incorporating color intelligently can boost your incoming payments by up to 30 percent. If bringing color printing in-house and using it to enhance your invoices results in faster payments from customers, you may find that the new machines required to do so pay for themselves faster than you expected.

Your Idea Of The Cost Of Color Printing Is Out Of Date

If it's been several years since you talked to an equipment supplier about the cost of color devices, the odds are excellent that you're not thinking about the financial picture accurately. The rapid pace of technological advancement has changed the game dramatically, making it easier, quicker, and cheaper to achieve print shop-quality results within your organization. The total cost of ownership (TCO) of color printing equipment has dropped dramatically, and the individual unit cost of in-house color printing jobs is down as well. Modern businesses in every industry can take better advantage of color printing technology. Whether you want to suffuse all of your documents with color or stick to a few strategically-chosen echoes of your company's brand, you need to get colorful to stay competitive. Get in touch with Advanced Business Copier now to find out how affordable and effective it can be to enhance your business printing tools with color.