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9 Tips For Choosing The Right Houston Printer For Your Business

Part 2

4. Duty Cycle

You want to factor in the duty cycle of the printer in question. This is the total number of pages your printer is designed to print safely. This is not a hard-set number, but it is meant to give you a good range of how capable your printer is. You don't want to buy a printer that has a lower duty cycle than what you are planning on printing. This can result in increased wear and tear and failure from your printer. If you are someone who is printing a lot, you want to get a printer that is capable of keeping up with your usage requirements. If you don't print a lot, you don't want to spend the extra money it would cost to get a printer with an extremely high duty cycle.

5. Cost Of Ink Or Toner

You need to figure out how much the ink or toner costs for the printer you are considering. Typically, the less you spend upfront, the more the ink is going to cost. Any inexpensive printer is meant for those that don't need frequent printing. Therefore, it will end up costing you more in the long run if you opt for a printer that is cheap and you require frequent printing. A lot of the printer manufacturers will include some kind of price-per-page that you can reference in the specification list. That way, you can do a thorough comparison to see which printer would be capable of delivering on your needs.

6. Print Speed

The speed at which the printer is capable of printing is another key consideration to make. You don't want to be constantly waiting around for your printer to finish a print job. You want to buy one that is going to be capable of keeping up with your requirements. This is especially true if you are getting a single printer to be used by the entire staff. You should be looking at the manufacturer listed Pages Per Minute (PPM) when you are shopping. This will give you a good idea of how fast it is capable of printing.

7. Cost Of Replacement Parts

Another thing that you should be considering would be the cost to repair your printer. You want to anticipate this because it could make a big difference in determining how much the printer will cost over the long term. You will find some printers with parts that would cost more than it would cost to completely replace the unit with a new printer. Always look at replacement parts before buying as it can save you from buying a printer that will be a long-term headache.

8. Wi-Fi & Smartphones

You need to factor in whether or not the printer has the requisite Wi-Fi and smartphone capabilities that you will be using. You want to find a printer that is capable of connecting wirelessly to your network for easy access to your entire office. This can make it much easier for your employees to print without having to physically be at the printer or to be hooked up directly to it. You also want to find one that has easy-to-use mobile apps and software that make managing the printer easier.

9. Reading The Reviews

When you are shopping for a printer, you should be looking at the reviews. A lot of times, you may find a printer that looks incredibly good on paper, but it doesn't have the reviews to match. You want to find a printer that has a good review score with a lot of positive feedback as it will be much more likely to provide you with a satisfactory experience. Contact us today or call us now if you are planning to buy a new business printer. Missed the first part of this article? Click here!