Why Printer & Paper Are Still Important In Houston Pt 2

5 Advantages Of Printed Materials Part 2 5. Paper Is Personal Reading entails using your sense of sight, but doing it on paper incorporates another of your body’s senses – the sense of touch. Print media provides a more personalized interaction for businesses between its employees, partners, and consumers. Unlike online graphics that bombard your senses with an array of […]

Significance Of Print-based Marketing In Houston

6 Reasons Why You Need Print Media Have you been considering advertising using print media but still got cold feet? With many people focused on online marketing, choosing this rather traditional mode of advertising might seem outdated, or so you may think. Unknown to many, print media offer target audiences and customers a brand experience they wouldn’t find/get online, making […]

Importance Of Printing To All Businesses In Houston

Why Printing Can Make Such Difference To Your Business? Most businesses use the internet to advertise their products or services, failing to acknowledge the role and the importance of print-based marketing. They simply consider it either expensive or ineffective, so they don’t include it in their marketing plans. We strongly believe that printing and print-based marketing should be one of […]

Copier Leasing Vs Renting In Houston: Which Is Better? Pt 2

The Difference Between Leasing & Renting A Photocopier Part 2 Cost-Effectiveness Leasing can be quite cost-effective than creating a copier. For example, when you lease the unit, your cost will be spread over a longer period of time. It’s also tax-deductible, and you will be paid for out of your company’s taxable profits. In fact, there are tax benefits when […]

Copier Leasing Vs Renting In Houston: Which Is Better? Pt 1

The Difference Between Leasing & Renting A Photocopier Part 1 Flexibility and cost are the main differences between renting and leasing a photocopier. In fact, a lease agreement is long-term and less flexible than renting the unit. But the flexibility of renting a photocopier might be more expensive than leasing the unit. The Difference Between Leasing & Rental If you […]