Color Printing vs. Black & White Printing Costs

If you’re responsible for purchasing new toner or ink for your company’s printers, you likely have noticed the cost differential between printing in color versus black and white. Copying and printing in color always comes at a higher cost. The pressing question for most businesses  is “Why is printing and copying in color more expensive?” Hint: It has nothing to […]

Advanced Business Copier And The Digital Advance

Digital Transformation Is A Necessity: Act Or Perish Plenty of research has been done into how the online world is changing, and what tools, skills, and strategies are needed by businesses of all sizes to compete in the new digital world. Canon did some major research throughout 2018 which led to the publishing of a widespread report on productivity, technology, […]

Digital Signage Service? What’s That?

Do You Know What A Digital Signage Service Is? We are proud to offer Houston-area clients digital signage service. Our total office technology business offers both sales and service for copiers, scanners, multifunction printers, and more. Digital signage is one powerful service that we offer. This service lets your business communicate and market your messaging effectively. Your business, like any […]

The Perks of Utilizing Managed Services For Your Houston Copier

Why Your Houston Copiers And Office Tech Need A Managed Services Ally Taking care of today’s technology in the workplace is a mix of many things, from printers and copiers to computers and other devices. We have become dependent on tech, never shy of breaking out our weary wallets to get something that regales our efficiency-hungry minds. We buy this […]

Three Ways MPS Cuts Costs

Understanding How Managed Print Services Can Save Your Business Money One of the top priorities of any business is to find ways to cut costs. Printing is one area where you may be able to reduce your expenses. When you really sit down and look at just how much money you are wasting on printing, the figures can be quite […]

MPS Done Right With Advanced Business Copier

Managed Print Services (MPS) Can Help Your IT Team Do you run an IT department and need help getting through your day? Most businesses have a love/hate relationship with their IT folks. Your department is hailed as heroes when you get a computer up and running or vilified when you block their access to social media and report them to […]