Protecting Your Houston Printer From Malware

Malware Infections: How To Shield Your Printer? The cybersecurity industry is constantly evolving, with new trends, features, and threats emerging every day. Not a day goes by without a known brand or company reporting a form of a security breach in their systems. Although hackers used to target computers and computer systems, many today have found a way to target […]

Houston Multifunction Printers: Why Secure Printing Is Extremely Important

Three Important Reasons Why Multifunction Printer Security Is So Critical If you have ever had to wrestle with a printer that was jammed or tried to replace an ink cartridge right before an important meeting where you needed to have printouts – then you know how these devices can potentially negatively impact a business in several different ways. However, printers […]

Keeping Your Houston Business Printer & Its’ Documents Secured

How To Ensure That Your Business Documents & Houston Multifunction Printers Stay Secure Mobile technology is changing the way that companies do business. In fact, many businesses allow employees to access documents or devices like multifunction printers with their own mobile devices. Additionally, most of today’s documents are stored digitally. Although this is convenient, it can put your information at […]

Understanding MFP Security & Risks

How Multifunction Printers In Houston Can Be Protected From Security Risks Whenever you consider data security, most likely you think about things like firewalls and passwords and not multifunction printer Houston. There is another important aspect of security that is essential for you to remember: print security. Your company can be at great risk if your print environment is not […]