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What To Look For When Purchasing Houston Multifunction Printers

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If your business is considering purchasing a multifunction printer, one of the first things you should look at is the total cost of owning one of these machines. Even though the purchase cost may seem reasonable, once you factor in all ownership costs, buying a certain printer may push you over budget. For example, if printer cartridges or toner are expensive, it can make one piece of equipment more expensive over the long term. The total cost of ownership or TCO is one of the most important considerations when looking at new equipment. There are usually a least a few options you can consider. One is the cost of printer cartridges. Some printer cartridges are available from other manufacturers. These are usually less expensive than purchasing a cartridge from the printer manufacturer. This can be a very budget-friendly way to find printer cartridges. Just search for Standard Test Methods Committee or STMC certification. When a printer cartridge has this certification you know it meets original manufacturer specifications.


Most businesses have an IT network and their printers are connected so that all employees have access to the company printers. When researching Houston multifunction printers check to ensure they are compatible with your current network.

Paper Size

Another consideration when choosing a new multifunction printer is what size paper your employees use. Any printers you are considering should be able to handle the maximum size paper used for company print jobs. Some companies only need regular and legal size printed documents while others need to print large posters or smaller brochures.

Print Quality

Speaking of special print jobs, the quality of the printing is another important consideration. If your employees will need to print high-quality print jobs often, consider this feature when researching Houston multifunction printers.


If your employees routinely print large jobs, you'll want a printer with a large memory. This is also important if your office routinely prints high-quality print jobs.

Price Per Copy

One important consideration when choosing a printer is the price per copy. This is one of the factors in the total cost of ownership and if the price per copy is too high, the printer may not work with your budget.


Today's multifunction printers often include a variety of features. These may include emailing, faxing, collating, scanning, and stapling.

Mobile Printing Capability

Most of business today need mobile or cloud computing and printing capability. Take time to research all mobile or cloud compatible printers to ensure they are compatible with your current network hardware. There are Houston multifunction printers available which can meet all your requirements.


One of the most powerful assets a company has is its data. This is also why so many businesses are willing to invest in protecting the security of their data. Protective measures can include printers with security features as well as protocols to ensure employees are properly protecting confidential data. There are several areas where it is important to use a printer that is capable of protecting data. This includes human resources, accounting, HIPAA, and client and vendor data. Talk with your company IT department or your printing company about your printing requirements and what data needs to be protected. Contact or call Advanced Business Copier with any questions you may have. Or visit here to view the services that we provide.