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About Us Blog Check Out These Productive Houston Office Supplies For 2019 Part I

These Office Supplies In Houston Are An Absolute Must For A Productive 2019

If you do not feel as though you are as productive as you should be, you need to check out these great products!

Best Cable Concealer

Let's face it, cables and cords are simply not all that attractive. However, they can be just as dangerous as they are ugly, how many times have you almost become an ensnared jungle of cords waiting silently for you under your desk? Concealers are large enough to fit all of those bulky and dangerous cords as well as the surge protector neatly under the desk. You will usually find a charging cable hole located on the box to plug in a tablet or smartphone. These are fireproof and heat-resistant and will stay in place on the floor due to the rubber heel that holds it in place. Once all of your cords are closed up, no more worries about taking that unexpected trip.

Best Shredder

We have all had those documents that no one ever needs to see. While your office may have a paper shredder somewhere in the building, is it really going to give you full protection? In addition, do you really want to fire up this huge machine for one single piece of paper? We have found this hand shredder one of the best options for small jobs and it does not even require electricity! All you need to do is wind it up and it will take care of the rest. While it may not replace your typical paper shredder, it is convenient for those small, quick jobs.

Best Stapler

While we are not able to get the complete specifics of this essential tool, we are able to determine that it is able to fold down the edges of the paper and will punch holes through it to keep it all together. This can be used just like any other stapler. All you need to do is place up to five sheets of paper in and push! This simple device is lightweight enough to be able to use just one hand. One of the only minor inconveniences we can see is a need to unload all of the punched out pieces, but it is well worth it. In addition, you can find it in several bright colors.

Best Scissors

Considering that these scissors use titanium as opposed to tradition stainless steel, you will know that these will not need to be replaced for several years! The blades are designed to stay sharp for an extended period considering the fact that titanium is corrosion-resistant. Westcott has actually patented their bonding system, so you know you are truly getting a unique set of scissors. In addition, you will find that titanium is also going to be much lighter and easier to handle than stainless steel. You have a nice soft grip that is going to fit comfortably in anyone's hand. These Westcott scissors measure a nice eight inches and can tackle just about any job. Find out more about beneficial office supplies to have by visiting our blog. If you have any questions feel free to contact us or give us a call today!