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About Us Blog Check Out These Productive Houston Office Supplies For 2019 Part II

The Top Office Supplies In Houston For 2019 Continued

Sticky Notes

One of the top supplies found in offices is sticky notes. Sticky notes are a stack of small pieces of paper that can be peeled off and then placed on any hard surface in the office. Most sticky notes are boring; however, there are new colorful ones that offer a number of features. Stick notes come in a variety of sizes. One of the best sized sticky notes are the ones that are 4 inches by six inches. These are larger than the standard size and feature ruled lines to help ensure your notes are legible. They can also have small tabs, which allow you to put them on pages that need review. The small tab will stick out from the pages so that you can easily find the section of the page again. Furthermore, the tabs are color-coded, allowing you to mark different areas with different colors. The adhesive on sticky notes are water-based, rather than chemical-based. This means that none of the adhesives will be left behind when the sticky note is removed. This means that none of the surfaces will be damaged. Finally, the sticky notes adhesive allows you to move the sticky note from one location to another without the adhesive wearing out.

Best File Organizer

There are many ways to keep your loose papers together. For example, you can use a paperweight to keep them organized. When you are at your desk, you want your papers to be within easy reach. A desktop organizer can help. A desktop organizer has eight compartments to help keep you organized. This includes five vertical compartments and three horizontal compartments. This allows you to keep loose papers, books and thick files handy.

Best Drawer Organizer

The best drawer organizer will help to keep your desk drawer's organized. The organizer is designed to fit into doors to hold items that can make your desktop messy. The organizer features eight small compartments. The compartments can be adjusted to the size that you need. There is a five-inch extension that can be added for larger drawers up t approximately 17.5 inches wide. Because it is made from bamboo, it is economically friendly and stain resistant, which means that you do not need to worry about a leaking pen ruining your drawer organizer.

Best Mousepad

There are a plethora of mousepads available; however, this one is much better than average mousepads. Belkin's ergonomic pad is perfect for those who spend hours using a mouse. It features a wrist rest to help relieve stress and help to minimize the risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome. These features are great by themselves; however, this mousepad will last for a long time. Belkin's ergonomic mousepad is made from durable polyurethane. This material allows for easy gliding of your mouse across the surface. The back of the mouse pad is made of rubber, which helps prevent it from sliding around while you are using your mouse. Finally, the wrist rest is made of gel, which helps to keep your wrist comfortable. The gel allows it to conform to your unique wrist and hand shape to relieve stress.

Best Paperweight

The best paperweight is sturdy, weighing approximately eight ounces. The paperweight is a few inches wide, which helps hold all of your paperwork together. The paperweight is a beautiful matte silver, which means it will coordinate well with most office spaces. Best of all, the paperweight has a spinner in the center to help you decide whether you should attack the paperwork now, later, tomorrow or even hand it off to someone else. Call or contact Advanced Business Copiers today for immediate assistance. If you missed the first part of this article, take a step back and educate yourself on some more efficient equipment to have in your office space.