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About Us Blog Investing In A Multifunction Office Printer In Houston

4 Advantages Of Using Multifunction Office Printer

The absence of a good printer can negatively impact any office environment, which is why business owners should invest in quality technology. A multifunctional office printer may seem like a needless investment for some, but they actually offer endless advantages and can help improve workplace productivity!

1. Better Document Management Options

Many offices readily employ the use of multifunction printers as they don't just allow for easy printing, but they can send a fax, copy documents, and scan papers whenever necessary. Most importantly, modern multifunction printers also have seamless software that can help make them easy to operate from a mobile device. Having all of the necessary functions accessible from a mobile device can aid in proper document management in the office.

2. Access Control Becomes Easier

Managers find that multifunction printers carry the added benefit of improved security and easy access control. As everything from printing to copying happens in one place on one network, it makes it easier to track employee activity. A multifunction printer has the ability to stop unauthorized access and save the office significant money. Many employees use printers to print personal documents or to gain access to confidential information, which is easily eliminated in this instance. It is not only a real budget-saving piece of technology, but it can make it easier for companies in certain industries to remain even more HIPAA compliant and enhance security in a consolidated space.

3. Significantly Reduce Operational Costs

Many offices find that investing in a multifunction printer not only cuts down on wasted space but can help cut costs in several different ways:

  • Lower energy costs as fewer machines are simultaneously operating in the office. Additionally, new multifunction printer models are Energy Star compliant and can decrease energy consumption by up to 55 percent.
  • Less paper waste and consumption will occur in the office. As multifunction printers can do almost anything digitally, it reduces paper waste and the costs attached to using consumables such as toner cartridges. This type of printer also makes it easier to estimate actual printing costs as access is completely controlled.
  • It is easier and less costly to maintain a multifunction printer. Due to the nature of their growing popularity, parts are readily available. In addition, having all working functions on one machine eliminates the possibility of a vicious cycle of non-working technology.

4. Easier Interface To Learn

Multifunction printers have one interface and it is easy to interact with these devices. As there's a touchscreen and basic prompts, users find that printing, scanning, and copying are easily done together with the minimal experience necessary. Most offices require a steady stream of documents to exchange hands and choosing a device that enables all of the functions of multiple machines will streamline the process and give workers a seamless transition. Most importantly, employees will feel at ease when an office implements a newer piece of technology. Feel free to contact us or call now if you need a new copier. We’re always here to help you! Visit our blog for more related articles.