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About Us Blog Choosing Between Printer Repair Or Buy New In Houston Pt 1

Is Your Printer Worth Repairing?

Part 1

It is crucial to appreciate the exceptional convenience and efficiency offered by printers in the office, hence why you must consider printer repair costs. If you fail to fix your printer or neglect to manage repair costs, your workflow and productivity may be compromised. While you might want your printers and other office devices to run perfectly forever, at some point, like when you’re calling printer repair services every week, it may be time to upgrade. Conversely, there are instances when it makes sense to repair to get more life out of the device. So, do you repair or buy another one? There’s no clear-cut solution, but do you want to keep throwing cash into printer repairs and hope it doesn’t break down? Probably not. The first step in finding your answer is to consider the pros and cons of each solution. Don’t worry! We’ll walk you through each solution to help point you in the right direction!

Why A Printer Repair May Be Best

Are you deciding to go ahead with the repair? At Advanced Business Copiers, we have been in the business of selling, leasing, and fixing printers for decades and can tell when printers need replacing instead of repairing. If you’re looking to extend your printer’s lifespan with repairs, here’s how to evaluate if your choice makes financial sense.

  • Does the repair cost more than half of what it would cost to get a new device? As a general rule, if fixing your printer will cost you more than half of what it would cost to get a new printer, then perhaps the best choice is to buy one.
  • Are the breakdowns becoming more frequent? Here, frequent means after a few weeks or so. Frequent breakdowns are not a good sign. Even if you manage to call in printer repair services and get it working again, the chances are another issue will crop up sooner or later.
  • What is the expected lifespan of a printer without it breaking down? You should not have to call for printer repair services more than three times a year, especially if you have a new model. So, if your printer is not working well and without any problems for at least four consecutive months, buying a new printer might be the ideal option.
  • Do you have access to parts for your model? If your printer is old (outdated), getting the components needed for repairs may be challenging. This is particularly an issue when it comes to inkjet printers, which become outdated quickly.
  • How current is your printer technology? Technology is changing rapidly, but that doesn’t mean you need the latest printer every month. But if your printer has no USB, for example, do yourself a favor and get a more recent model.
  • Do you have a mountain of supplies in stock for your current device? This is perhaps the main reason people or organizations don’t want to break up with their old printers. Printer supplies leave a significant dent in your wallet, and often, there’s no way to recover the cost of these supplies because you can’t find your exact model.

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