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About Us Blog Choosing Between Printer Repair Or Buy New In Houston Pt 2

Is Your Printer Worth Repairing?

Part 2

(Continuation)Bottom line, choose to repair your printer if the cost is less than the value of a new one, the repair is simple, or your machine is still relatively new. Otherwise, it may be time you started shopping for a replacement.

When A Printer Replacement Makes Sense

MFPs, printers, and copiers are the most common devices in offices of all sizes. They help streamline operations and increase efficiency in internal document management and external marketing strategies. Most firms cannot afford to stay open without their printers for hours, let alone days. So, if you don’t want to pour money or waste time on an aging machine, it may be time to replace the printer. Below are the questions to ask before deciding:

  • Is your printer secure? This question lines up with the technology of your machine. Old and outdated equipment lack the cybersecurity capabilities new recent models offer. And today’s digital workspaces demand top-tier security.
  • Are you maximizing productivity? Does your current machine allow you and your staff to work as efficiently as you can? Suppose your employees regularly have to move data to a computer so that something can be scanned or printed out. In that case, you’re wasting valuable time doing something that the latest multifunctional printer can do instantly.
  • What is the operation cost of the current printer? If it costs you more to maintain and fix an old printer, you’re better off buying a new one. Recent printers implement innovative tech such as sleep mode that reduces the machine's total energy consumption and helps you save on total operating cost. In nearly all instances, modern multifunctional printers outperform older machines while having minimal daily operation costs.
  • Have your printing needs changed? Printers are used for printing, but today’s equipment can perform multiple tasks like scan, fax, and copy. If your business needs these capabilities but is stuck using several devices to accomplish tasks, it’s probably best to consider modern all-purpose machines that do it all.

Final Thoughts

Breaking up with an old printer is not easy. It has served you well, and by now, you’re pretty much familiar with all its quirks. You may even think that a few repairs a month are not a big deal. In reality, though, you’re wasting time and losing productivity and money by not choosing a replacement with a newer model. If you think your machine has run its life and want a new printer, or you want to repair the one you have, Advanced Business Copiers can help! Contact us today or call us now if you are planning to buy a new business printer.