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About Us Blog Common Photocopier Features In Houston

4 Features Of A Houston Photocopier

All over the nation, photocopiers play an essential role in the operations of businesses. These devices are equipped with numerous features that boost productivity and efficiency. Over the years, photocopiers have adapted from their simple beginnings, transitioning into cutting-edge machines that can do far more than make copies.


The primary purpose of photocopiers is to make physical copies of documents. While there are different devices on the market, the majority of copiers utilize a dry process called "laser technology." During this process, a photoreceptor that's sensitive to light is charged with electrostatic. This allows the toner to be transferred to paper, producing the desired image. Depending on the device used, a photocopier may produce mono copies of images or print them in full color. For businesses that are only copying basic documents, a mono device may be all that's necessary. When copying more complicated images, such as photographs, illustrations, or detailed logos, a color copier may be a better choice.


Much like photocopying, scanning copies documents. With that said, the copies that scanners create are digital, not physical. The scans produced can be sent out via email or transferred to a folder using a network. It's common for newer devices to include OCR (Optical Character Recognition), making it possible for images of text to be converted into text that can be read by machines. Once documents have been scanned by a device with this functionality, electronic editing is possible. OCR can also be used alongside a document management system, allowing documents to be automatically filed according to strings of text within the document. This can save valuable time on data entry and can prevent user error. It's useful for many types of documents, including invoices, receipts, and bank statements.


Photocopiers are capable of enlarging or reducing the size of an image, which is a feature that can really come in handy. Large documents can easily be resized so that they can be sent out as letters. In addition, documents with a small font can be enlarged so that they're easier to read.


The ability to print documents is another useful feature that most modern photocopiers offer. Printers are able to take digital files from computers and create a physical copy. When searching for a photocopier with printing capabilities, there are many different factors that should be considered, such as the printer speed, capability, duty cycle, quality, and color output. Cost is likely to be a consideration as well. Technology surrounding printers has been evolving at a steady pace. Many modern printers now offer duplexing, which is when both sides of a sheet of paper are printed on. This can be a way to cut back on paper and is particularly useful when producing pamphlets and booklets. Printers offer many functions that can enhance efficiency in the workplace.