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About Us Blog Some Perks About Leasing Your Houston Copier

Advantages Of Leasing A Copier In Houston

Looking at office equipment is expensive and may not be a sound investment, which is why you should know why leasing is such a good option. Since that is the case, you may want to explore the five advantages of leasing a copier or the best printers Houston has to offer for your business, instead of buying one.

When Looking To Lease A Houston Copier Or Other Office Equipment

Typically you will find that the cost of leasing the copier will about a hundred to six hundred or so bucks a month. If you are looking at buying a commercial copier you could find one for almost two grand, but if you want to get a higher-end machine the price can skyrocket to over ten thousand dollars. If you are a smaller business you can have some problems getting one at a price you can afford. What else is nice about leasing is you do not have to get a down payment, outside of the refundable security deposit. You may even find a variety of financing options are available for you to use. What else is nice is when you do lease a copier, you are usually not going to be locked into a contract and can leave your money free later on if you need it. Just like your car, you will find a copy machine is going to only do a certain number of copies before it starts to wear out. The higher-end copiers will typically be able to handle fifty thousand copies a month, but the smaller copiers are usually only going to be able to a thousand or so. These are going to still be more than what the copier should be doing, but it will allow you to get the most use from the machine. You will find that you can typically get two or three years out of the machine before it starts to have problems, but anything over five years is a blessing. If you are not using a copying machine a lot you can use it for about seven to ten years. If you are renting a copy machine, though, the limit can be passed. You will find that often the copiers will be going through multiple leases and even different companies. This is going to allow you to have a copy machine quite a bit longer, even if you use it all the time. Just like your computer, you will find the copying machine can start to become dated as new models come out. The new technology will generally help in providing more functions and making the copy machine last longer and even do more for you. Once the lease is up on the old copier, you could easily get a new model. This allows the business to stay updated and efficient.

More Benefits of Leasing Houston Business Copier

What else is great about a lease is the company who is issuing the lease is often the one covering the maintenance issues. If you are the owner of the copying machine all the maintenance issues are on you. Since you do not own the copying machine you will find that you do not have to pay for the maintenance fees. You will also notice that you are going to be able to find a single source for all the paper, ink, and repairs. When you are using the lease you will notice that it is generally going to make it easier for you to write this off as a business expense on a regular basis. Compare to buying a machine, which is only a tax deduction the first time you buy it. No matter what you will want to make sure you check out Advance Business Copier in Houston for all of your copier and office needs. Call today or contact us now!