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About Us Blog Copier Leasing For Your Business In Houston: Is It Advantageous?

6 Benefits Of Getting A Printer Lease For Your Company

The copier or printer is the most fundamental resource in your office. It’s especially useful when it comes to managing the expenses affiliated with your copy and print needs. Fortunately, you have the option of leasing a printer or copier for your workspace. This read will look at the different ways how leasing a printer or copier is a better option compared to purchasing one entirely.

1. Saves Money Upfront

When you acquire a printer or a copier on a lease, you won’t need to dish out thousands of dollars beforehand to get the tool you require. Many leases don’t need businesses to make payments upfront, and for those that do, it’s smaller than paying the total cost upfront. The extra cash you save can then be allotted to other facets of your business that bolster employee morale and customer service.

2. Manageable Payments For Simple Budgeting

Many small to medium-sized enterprises would be in a position and massively benefit if they had a first-rate printer or copier; however, this isn’t always the case as they can’t fix it in their budget. When small companies lease office equipment, they benefit from the latest technology, optimize efficiency, and significantly reduce operating costs.

3. Repairs & Upgrades

The fast-paced technological world makes leasing office equipment a better choice compared to purchasing one out-and-out. The majority of tech becomes outdated every couple of years, which means that you would’ve to acquire a new printer or copier after every 4-6 years to keep pace with evolving tech. Alternatively, you can decide to press on with your old printer, but that will result in increased maintenance costs and general operation costs because of unobtainable components and increased toner shortage as time lapses.

4. Fair Market Value Printer Lease (FMV) Vs. $1 Buyout Lease

Now that you have looked over some of the general advantages you stand to gain from leasing office equipment; it’s integral that you know how to distinguish between the two leasing choices. An FMV lease is the type of lease many individuals think of when the phrase ‘lease’ pops up. The lessee makes use of the tool for a prearranged duration with a fixed monthly payment. When the lease is finished, the lessee has three choices. They can choose to upgrade to new office equipment, return the equipment or purchase the office equipment for scheduled FMV.

5. The Ability To Upgrade At A Low Cost

Among the top advantages we covered earlier is the capability to improve to a new office tool. A $1 buyout lease doesn’t give you this alternative, which means you can end up obtaining an outdated printer. At this point, if you’re looking to remain competitive and have premier office equipment, you’ll need to get another FMV lease nonetheless.

6. Responsibilities Of Ownership

SME businesses can also have an advantage when they obtain an FMV lease with more than a $1 buyout lease due to resources. After completing the $1 lease, you get total ownership of the equipment, which many small enterprises don’t possess. By terminating your service agreement, you’ll have to maintain the tool yourself, buy your own toner and ink, and incur repair costs, in addition to a decline in productivity due to the downtime the copier or printer is out of commission. Please contact us or call now if you need help in deciding whether  to lease or buy a printer in Houston. Visit our blog for more related articles!