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About Us Blog The Drastic Changes of Multifunctional Printers

In The Beginning

The multifunction printer is a relatively new type of technology having been developed in the 21st century. Prior to the early 21st century, printers and copiers functioned as separate devices without working in unison. The copier was a basic tool providing analog imaging techniques for producing single copies without color, it was only several years later that printing would be combined with copies and the multifunction printer would be born. This article will provide a brief history on the multifunction printer, also known as the MFP.

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The Original Photocopy

The first photocopy was produced by Chester Carlson in New York City in the year 1938. The original item was a "dry" copy and involved layering sulfur across a zinc plate and then producing a static charge using cotton. This was a crude means of copying, but it was effective for the period. To complete the copy Carlson used a dark room with incandescent light and wax paper. As the term goes, we have come a long way since those days.

Incorporate DOS

Change first began with the introduction of the DOS operating systems. These saw computers replace typewriters as companies found possibilities in the dot matrix printing systems to analyze business data. Word processing capabilities grew dramatically and demand for the systems increased with companies beginning to rely on in-house printing for daily work procedures.

Growth Fuels Printing Innovation

Demand brought about innovation in the world of printing and using new options a revolution in laser printing was experienced. In the 1980s, rapid product growth was evident in both commercial and personal computers prompting the need for high-speed printers. However, it was not until the digital revolution that printing and copying capabilities were combined into a single multifunction device. This is now the best office printer known as a multifunction printer or MFP.

The 21st Century Multifunctional Printer

The multifunction printer is a standard device found in almost all company offices and homes. It offers far more than copying, printing, scanning and faxing capabilities with new printers having software advancements. The advantages include wireless technology with cloud sharing to increase productivity. For more information on the best office printers in Houston, please call or contact Advanced Business Copier today!