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About Us Blog An Effective Strategy For Your Businesses Printing and Copy Needs

Creating A Business Printing And Copy Strategic Plan


As companies grow, their need for more printers and copiers increases. This can get expensive unless a business has a plan for growth. Adding single printers or copiers one at a time can cost a business since they can't take advantage of discount buys. With a good strategic plan for procuring office equipment, a business can save money on equipment purchases. A business must create a strategic plan for dealing with printing and copier equipment. Most companies prefer a budget-friendly plan. Many times, this is best accomplished by contracting out some services. It can be more affordable to work with a managed print service to provide help with managing a company's printing services. There are certain factors that should be kept in mind while deciding how to best provide printing and copy services for your company and purchasing printers in Houston.

Current Expenses

One of the first things to do is to track your current printing and copy expenses. Evaluate how much your current equipment costs. There is printing fleet software that can help track the important numbers. Reviewing these numbers is the best way to determine what it costs to operate each machine. This includes price-per-copy and pages copied.


It is also important to identify your company's current copy and printing requirements and then predict the requirements for the future. Survey each department and ask employees about their requirements. This is the best way to determine how much equipment your company will require. It may be possible to replace older machines with some which are more efficient or consolidate copy centers and purchase multi-function printers and copiers.


Most businesses are also concerned with protecting their data. This is usually the IT department's responsibility. It is important to evaluate your current machines and determine if they are secure. Also, it is important to evaluate all the security protocols to determine if they are providing adequate security to protect all data. One of the most powerful assets in today's society is data which is why companies work so hard to protect theirs. In your business, are employees required to enter passwords to print confidential materials? Are individual passwords assigned and changed frequently? Are there shredders placed on each floor so that all confidential materials can be shredded and disposed of properly. Are there established protocols for destroying confidential materials and for printing any secure documents. One of the most important factors, when creating your future printing and copying fleet requirements, is to factor in security requirements before purchasing printers in Houston.

Network Considerations

Almost every business use networked printers and copiers. This is important to ensure maximum productivity. Networks will usually include mobile and cloud printing which means extra security measures are important. Work with your IT departments to determine your networked printing and copy requirements. These experts can help you decide how much secure printing capacity your business will need and the best way to plan for the future. It is also a good idea to conduct a complete audit of all networked equipment. Consult with your IT department and if necessary, bring in outside experts to help.

Total Cost

As you create your strategic plan for your printing and copy fleet, compare the original costs of your current equipment against future options. Include things such as equipment purchase costs, supply costs, maintenance costs, and expected lifespan of the equipment. Call or contact Advanced Business Copier today in regards to any questions you may have concerning your new or existing multifunction printer.