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4 Helpful Ways To Troubleshoot Offline Printer In Houston

Dealing with either computer or printer problems is something that is a regular occurrence even with today's advancements in technology. Unfortunately, when you are running a business, these issues can get exacerbated. There's nothing worse than getting a message that tells you that your printer is malfunctioning and you don't have any idea how to address the issue. In this post, we will be going over a few reasons you may be dealing with a malfunctioning computer that says it's 'offline and some of the different ways to correct it.

Offline Printers Won't Communicate With Your PC

One of the things to keep in mind is that your printer isn't going to be able to connect with or communicate with your printer. Any printer that is stuck offline is unable to do this. This could be happening for various reasons. Several things can be done when you are troubleshooting this problem.

1. Checking Your Connection

One of the main things you should be doing to address this problem would be to ensure that your printer is directly connected to your PC. You want to check this first because you don't want to go through the rest of the troubleshooting steps only to find out you're not hardwired. Check to ensure that your printer is directly connected to your router and you should also be checking to make sure the USB cable is connected from your computer to the printer. If all of these things are working properly, you will want to mess around with the ports. If that fails, you could always try different cords. If your printer is wireless, it may be a little more tricky to check your connection status. For instance, if you have the Epson WF-3540DTWF, you will want to go to the 'set-up' mode directly from your printer's main menu. From there, you should head to 'network settings' and then confirm them. It should show you the network your printer is on. With your printer, you can print out a status sheet that will show you the connection details by pressing start.

2. Restart Your Printer

If your printer is offline but your connection is working, you can always start your printer. This will restart your printer which may solve the problem easily.

3. Clearing Current Print Jobs

If you find yourself still asking why the printer isn't online, you may be dealing with a case where a single document forced your printer offline. The best way to resolve this type of problem is by canceling out all of the documents in the queue. That way, you can clear everything out and restart your printer without any issues.

4. Reinstalling Your Printer

Another thing that you can do to help get your printer back online is reinstalling the printer. It's very easy to remove your printer. All you have to do is go to your computer's settings and enter the 'devices and printers' setting in the control panel. From there, simply right-click on the printer you are looking to remove. To reinstall the printer, all you need to do is reconnect the USB cable and turn the printer back on. If you are using Windows 10, it will reinstall all of the necessary drivers. If you're reinstalling a wireless printer, you want to ensure that your printer is on before connecting it to your PC. From there, go to change PC settings and then open 'PC and Devices' and click on 'Devices.' From there, you will want to click 'Add a Device' and select the printer to install it. All of these steps should help you get your printer back up and running if it's stuck offline. If you have any other issues or these steps don't remedy the problem, consult your printer manufacturer's website or speak directly with one of the experts we have in-house. Contact us or call us today!