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About Us Blog The Importance Of Printers & Printer Repair Services In Houston Pt 2

Why A Houston Printer Is Essential In Everyday Life

Part 2

(Continuation) As mentioned, having a printer can come with a variety of benefits. However, they do require some routine maintenance and repairs to keep them functioning as they should. Any printer repairs should be completed by someone experienced and skilled at working on printers. There are a lot of different printer repair companies that will send out their expert technicians to work on your printer whether you're a regular consumer or a business. A professional printer technician is going to have the requisite knowledge and expertise that is needed to repair a printer in a variety of ways including replacing the toner cartridge, handling the fuser assembly, fixing rollers, and more. They will have experience working on a variety of different printer brands and they can solve all kinds of printer issues. Some of the more common printer problems that could require professional printer repair Houston services including;

1. Paper Jams

This is one of the most common printer problems you might be faced with. It is bound to come up at some point when you own a printer. These jams can be caused by a variety of issues that include:

  • Paper not being loaded properly
  • Having poor quality paper in the printer
  • Having paper that is folded or torn
  • Having an object blocking the printer from operating properly
  • Having multiple pages being fed by the printer at once

The professional printer technician is going to take out everything from the drum to the toner and they will work to remove the paper without damaging the printer. They will also be looking to align everything and to do some cleaning to ensure the problem gets resolved and that it doesn't crop up again.

2. Toner Ink Is Running Low

This is another common problem that you are likely to deal with at some point when you own a printer. If you have an error message that the toner ink is running low, you might want to call on a professional. They will replace your toner cartridge with a brand new one and reset the printer to get it working again.

3. Toner Is Smudging

This is a problem that a lot of people have with their printers and it can be a major hassle and inconvenience. If your toner is smudging the text, it's likely being caused by a damaged cartridge or a malfunctioning fuser assembly. In this case, the technician will replace the cartridge to see whether or not this fixes the issue. If not, they will replace the fuser assembly.

4. Printer Not Responding

Many printer owners will be greeted with this issue at some point. If you have a printer that isn't responding, it could be caused by several issues. You could have one that needs to be reconfigured to the device you're using it with. You could also need to hook it up using a different cable. The technician will work through a troubleshoot the issue to get it corrected.

5. Printer Ghosting

Ghosting is another problem that you may have. This is when either an image or text isn't following the right sequence that it's supposed to be printing. This typically happens when the printer is old and when it needs to be fully replaced. Contact us today or call us now if you are planning to buy a new business printer.