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Are You Being Driven Crazy By Drivers? How To Get The Most From Your Print Drivers

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Color Tab

From the Color Tab, you can change your color settings and switch between printing in grayscale (black-and-white), manual color and automatic color. At the bottom, there are more advanced features that enable you to change the RGB (short for Red, Green, Blue) as well as CMYK (short for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black). Unless you know how, or are in graphic design or marketing, I recommend that you not change those settings. Whenever you create a picture in a program like Photoshop, you are able to choose which CYMK or RGB setting that you would like your work area to be. That is when your printer setting so that it matches your document's setting. If you are printing basic documents or spreadsheets, it will not help to change this setting other than to make the colors of your documents appear a bit different than how they look on the computer. RGB is mainly used with digital screens, while CMYK is mainly used with printing. Red, green and blue lights are used by your computer monitor in order to make images on the screen. Your color copier or print has four ink/toner cartridge, one for each of the colors.

Services Tab

Product manuals and troubleshooting tips are found in this tab. On the services tab, you are able to choose between supplies and device status reports, product manuals, and online diagnostic tools to help you with the device in case a problem occurs.

Xerox Print Drivers

There are fewer tabs on the Xerox driver, but the options are just as powerful.

Printing Options Tab

This is the first tab that is seen when the driver is opened, and similar to the HP Printing Shortcuts Tab contains the main settings that you are going to need. In this tab, you can choose the job type, which output tray you want to use, enhancement of image quality, quick settings for hole punching and stapling, if you want to print on one or both sides of your document, and paper input (which tray and the type of paper that you need). Your changes can be saved as an option on the bottom left of the tab for easy selection, and the supply levels are on the right. That is nice, because, for example, if you have a large color that is ready to print, but your print is nearly out of yellow ink, you can wait to print it until you replace the toner so you do not waste a lot of time and pages reprinting. Also, it tells you how full each of the paper trays is so you know whether or not they need to be refilled.

Image Options Tab

Here you are able to choose if you would like the printer to convert the document into black-and-white (monochrome) in order to save money and toner. A preview is offered to check your print quality (color vs monochrome) and provides a quick way for you to see if you missed the checkbox or you have it selected.

Document Options Tab

This tab lets you choose if you wud like multiple document pages printed onto a sheet, the page orientation, adding a watermark, and any special page settings for the print job. Advanced Tab This tab is loaded It starts out basic by allowing you to choose how many copies you want to print and them moves onto in-depth driving settings which include extra software downloads for printing fonts properly. The offset can be changed here, which makes it easy to pick each print job up individual or the entire stack at the same time. An ID page can be turned on hat prints a page that includes the print job information. That helps with sorting and delivery if you do your printing to a centralized location. You can rotate images on the page and change your margin settings. If you would like to know when your job has been sent to the printed or is done printing, there are notifications that can be turned on. Below that there are many enhanced settings such as additional font software that can be downloaded. I highly recommend that you get help from your IT staff for figuring this out or call us. Do not download software without first getting permission from your company if you work for an employer that has IT employees. Find out more by visiting our blog. Contact us or call Advanced Business Copiers today with any questions that you might have. Visit the first part of the article here.