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About Us Blog Getting Your Boss Onboard With Updating Office Equipment

Ways To Convince Your Boss It Is Time For An Office Update

Going to work does not have to leave you feeling drained, because your office can help you as well as customers relax, focus, reenergize, and sharpen you to your duties. No matter the industry, there are ways you can convince your boss that it is time for a change. However, one thing you need to understand, preparation is paramount to your success.

1. Facts Are Important

Chances are that your boss, just like many others make their decisions based on facts, research, and numbers. With this in mind, before you go ahead with your plants to convince your boss that it is time for a restoration, you should arm yourself with facts. This means producing facts that support your claims. Below are a few statistics that will help you.

Important Workplace Design Statistics:

  • Color has been proven to influence productivity. As a matter of fact, it is said to not only boost productivity but a person’s mood and creativity. The research showed that color blue helps stimulate the mind, red affects the body, yellow inspires creativity, and green creates a sense of balance and calm.
  • Research has proven that 37% of employees feel moved to take jobs with low salary if a company has attractive facilities, working culture, and technology.
  • 30% of workers feel engaged in their duties who have easy access to flexible working arrangements. This simply means allowing workers alternative space and time to work.
  • Walking around for five minutes for every hour helps improve a worker’s mood. It does also reduce food craving and fatigue. this can be helped by simply creating more space for employees to move around or offering them other options such as standing desks.
  • Better lighting helps reduce absenteeism by 15%. Remember, when it comes to lighting, it refers to both artificial and natural.
  • Performance improvement will improve by 38% in an environment with white noise or sound masking. This simply means that everything in the office has a powerful effect.
  • Things like outdated printers and copiers, the lack of ease dealing with common documents, or equipment that's constantly broken detriments the overall productiveness of any team and often has adverse effects on employees.
  • Plants are said to increase engagement, satisfaction, and boost productivity by 15%.

2. Timing Your Approach Right

Just like any huge request you might have, timing is everything. Approaching your boss for something like renovating the office during the busiest season is an excellent way to get a fast ‘NO’. Your boss might even think that you are not serious about your job. It is wise to approach your boss at the beginning of the year, not unless you work in an industry where things get business during those months (e.g. Accounting and tax firms).

3. Ideas Are Important

The truth is that when you approach your boss with such a request and they agree; the next question may be “What is your idea?” or “What ideas do you have?” Therefore, before you go to your boss, it is wise to have some ideas. This means doing a bit of research on what could be done and how it would look like. For example:

  • What printers or copiers need to be refurbished or replacement?
  • What colors and visual items may help improve the environment for both customers and workers?

In a nutshell, you should be prepared with a list of items, pictures, and inspirations for your boss. Being prepared will help your bosses buy into the vision.

4. Making Your Case Clear And Short

It is paramount to make the whole process short and clear for your boss. Remember, they have a lot to think about every day and making the process short and delivering it clearly will help your case. Therefore, you should deliver your case in a systematic matter. What does this mean? Well, it simply means that you should start by identifying the problems and then present your idea and solution. Therefore, you should first help your boss understand the problems you and other employees are facing. You can also include the problems customers or clients face. Then go over the potential benefits of making some restoration And equipment changes. This means providing some statistics, examples, ideas and any other information you might have.   We want to help you! Contact us if you think we can be of service to your business, or call us so someone from our team can help you today. We appreciate your interest! Also, continue to read in our blog for more helpful advice.