What happens to ink cartridges when they are recycled?

What happens to ink cartridges when they are recycled?

What Happens To The Ink Cartridges That Are Recycled From Your Commercial Business Printer

  • Most professional businesses in Houston, TX use digital or commercial printers and end up going through a lot of ink cartridges. This can prompt the need for an ink cartridge recycling services company

  • Recycling said cartridges cannot only preserve our planet but also acts as an inexpensive or affordable solution a company can utilize to get rid of its used ink cartridges

  • Consumers nowadays like to hire companies that cater to an eco-friendly mindset by looking for local specialists for the services they need

When you are purchasing a new ink cartridge, you may have noticed that there is usually a little envelope which is normally in the pack that indicates how you could be able to recycle the old ink cartridge that you may have. You may also be wondering what tends to happen in the entire recycling process. What most people think is that the ink cartridges to be recycled tend to go back to the printer factory where they are cleaned up, refilled and then once again sent back for sale good as new. Even though this image would be great for many manufacturing companies especially when you think about the costs, this is not really what tends to happen throughout the entire process.

So what happens to the ink cartridges to be recycled?

What happens is that all the ink cartridges are all put into one box which may either be in a retail collection point or at a workplace. Once this is done, then they are all sent back to where the work is going to be done. Once the ink cartridges are there, what happens is that they are then sorted and their type and brand recorded.  What happens is that most of the laser cartridges are then sent back to their original manufacturer for them to be re-manufactured or put under the necessary component recovery programs.

What happens during the recycling process?

The toner bottles, ink cartridges, and the drum units are then processed by a green machine that has been patented. What this machine does is that it reduces the cartridges too much smaller particles that are able to be separated easily. However, the inkjet cartridges are then going to be processed making use of another machine which also makes use of a world-first patented technology for effectiveness.

There are magnets which are normally used in the removal or iron-based or rather ferrous metals while aluminum is then removed by eddie currents. The entire waste stream has been found to be a completely complex mix of both hazardous and potentially valuable materials that need to be handled with state of the art equipment for them to be handled and processed safely.

The end results of the entire recycling process are what is known as the recovery of the raw materials. Now said to be secondary raw materials, they are then to be filtered further and then upgraded after which they are going to be used. The secondary raw material is going to be used in place of the virgin materials that are normally used by different manufacturing companies when it comes to the making of new products. The main aim of the entire process is to return the raw materials that were initially used back to the original equipment for reuse.

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