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About Us Blog Printer Shopping: What Is Best For Your Houston Home?

Helpful Ideas For Choosing The Best Printer For Home In Houston

Choosing a printer is a lot easier than it once was, although you still have to choose what you are wanting to use it for prior to buying it. The printer is easily among the most popular accessories for personal computers. Fortunately, we're long past the days of those dot matrix models and all their noise, if you even remember them. Now, you can buy a printer that does nearly anything, be it cranking page after page of professional office documents or printing out high-caliber full-color photos. Having said all that, there isn't a single printer that does everything great. That's why you have to figure out the features you consider most important prior to buying. Keep reading to read about your options... There are primarily three kinds of printers. Two are great for general-purpose applications, and one is good for only printing photos.


Inkjet printers are unequivocally the best options for multipurpose use. These printers use liquid inks to put marks on the sheets of paper passing through. This technology has gotten to the point where many models can quickly print sharp text and even high-caliber full-color photos on many paper sizes, sometimes as big as A3. Some of them can even print right onto blank CDs. That practically covers nearly everything you could ever want to print, and that's why inkjets have gotten popular for home users. The one downside is that they're potentially expensive to operate, especially for photo printing. Inkjet ink can be costly, especially if you but from the printer manufacturer's brand, which of course all of them suggest that you do. You could use non-OEM or third-party ink cartridges, although some printer makers actually try to stop this through a variety of methods. Refill companies do find ways around most of those techniques, though, so it's more annoying than deal-breaking.

Laser Printers

Laser printers are excellent for the prompt production of text documents, and their low running costs mean they're good choices for heavy users. For quite a while, the cheapest of these models only printed in black and white. However, there are now affordable color models too. Cheaper color laser printers don't do photos as much justice as inkjets, however. However, they do work well for colored documents, photos that are mixed with text, and illustrations, like you might find in newsletters, for instance. Laser printers also offer the benefit of printing water-fast sheets. So, if you're doing posters or something similar, use any laser printer, because inkjet prints are going to run just as soon as they start getting damp.

Dye-Sublimation Printers

If all you need is some color photos in a postcard size from your digital camera, then one of these compact printers might be a way to go. They use 'ink' cassettes and special paper in order to produce photos even in a home setting that you'd be hard-pressed to tell are different than what a photo lab can do. 'Dye sub' printers were once the only way that glossy photos could be printed, although inkjets have made up a lot of ground, given you use some special photo paper instead of generic printer paper. Having said this, dye-sub printers don't really serve any other use, which makes them really hard to recommend. Call us or contact Advanced Business Copier today for more information.