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About Us Blog Houston Multifunction Printers - How They Can Save You Time And Money

Learn How Changing Your Office Printer Strategy Can Save You Money, Time, And Avoid Frustration

If your employees are like most, they hate spending precious time learning how to scan, fax, and print in the office. That's even more so when they are under deadlines. This kind of inconvenience only gets amplified for any office that is using multiple printer vendors, much less Multifunctional Printer (MFP) vendors. When these vendors are consolidated, then your office printer strategy might start winning over employees, which increases their productivity and improves your bottom line. A multifunctional printer has a combination of printing, copying, scanning, and faxing capabilities all in a single machine. Multifunctional printers are frequently found inside enterprise office environments given how they cut down on costs, consolidate assets, and promote an improved workflow. Over the entire product life cycle of a printer, a multifunctional printer has significantly lower costs per page than do desktop printers. Also, an MFP lessens the administrative hassle of keeping multiple print devices maintained across an enterprise, much less to think of the utility savings from reduced electrical usage.

Making The Case For Fewer Printers From A Single Vendor

The city government of Los Angeles recently replaced many of its personal printers with an array of multifunctional printers in order to lower expenses and reduce the environmental footprint it was generating. The director of systems for the city said that they were reducing many network printers in order to relocate them to centralized areas as part of the consolidation project. The aims included reducing paper consumption and printing in general. Many employees initially expressed apprehension about losing what had been personal printers for them, but the director noted that most have adjusted and the administration is happy about lower costs. The director went out to say that the city has always gone with a single vendor, making life easier for the operations department. The single vendor manages all the printers, administering to them remotely and responding proactively to problems that might come up.

Vendor Consolidation For Dummies

Consolidating multiple MFP vendors can provide a number of substantial advantages to your establishment, including but not limited to reduced costs, administration, and overhead, and also more supplier support and service. When you work with fewer suppliers, the processes of both billing and purchasing are much simpler to control and manage. Also, your staff can enjoy more productivity when relieved of the burdens of dealing with multiple deliveries, orders, and invoices. When an enterprise works with the right MFP vendor, it can then leverage the market expertise of that supplier to find the specific printer manufacturers that best fit that enterprise. That mix of both market experience and knowledge can really bring your printing strategy to a good place. If you have fewer source vendors in your mix, the suppliers integrate into your strategy, leading to stronger relationships that give you better levels of service. Also, the support process for both the IT department and multifunctional printer users usually gets simpler. Another advantage you shouldn't overlook in an age of growing cybersecurity awareness is the management of your security risk. Every vendor that has access to any of your systems is an extra threat. When you minimize how many third-party relationships you have, you'll discover that it's simpler to manage the number of technical resources which enter your physical location. As such, your larger security risk starts to decline. Before picking a vendor, you need to research. Enterprises need to invest the time they need in order to make sure a vendor is knowledgeable, reputable, and able to deliver on what it is promising. Once the appropriate vendor for your enterprise is picked, it won't be long before you start reaping the benefits. Your employees might even start thanking you.   Call or contact us today with any questions on business copiers you may be interested in! Also, continue to read in our blog for more helpful advice.