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About Us Blog Houston Multifunction Printers: Why Secure Printing Is Extremely Important

Three Important Reasons Why Multifunction Printer Security Is So Critical

If you have ever had to wrestle with a printer that was jammed or tried to replace an ink cartridge right before an important meeting where you needed to have printouts - then you know how these devices can potentially negatively impact a business in several different ways. However, printers can cause much worse consequences than just failing to scan or print. These days, many Houston multifunction printers are as technologically sophisticated as actual computers. They are equipped with internal hard drives that are used for storing data, are able to connect with wireless networks, and are used for creating outputs of protected or sensitive information. Due to all of these features, although printers might not be one of the common suspects - they actually can play a critical cybersecurity role. And if you fail to take the proper steps to bolster your printers' security, it can give savvy hackers all of the space that they need to infiltrate your organization. If you view your internet-connected equipment as a chain, then the weak link is often your printers. We are all very concerned about our computers' security, but we tend to less worried when it comes to the printers we use. However, due to the wireless connectivity that they possess, they are required to be as secure as any other device we use. At Advanced Business Copiers, we offer IT Network Services.

3 Reasons Why Secure Printing is an Important Link in the Overall Cybersecurity Chain.

1. Sensitive Information Is Stored On Printers

A majority of multifunction printers are able to store the data that is in the documents that the scan and print. This is usually a default setting and cannot be changed. When it comes to functionality, this feature does offer several benefits, however, it also means that when organizations fail to get strict security measures implemented, and that includes printers, they open themselves up to a range of cybersecurity threats. The print jobs that are stored in the internet-connected cache of the device can allow hackers to obtain access to sensitive personal or business information. It is clear that here in 2017, just how damaging it would be for a corporation to be hacked in terms of its operational, reputation, and financial consequences. However, what also needs to be said is that when potentially sensitive documents are stored in a repository, it can become a target also - and not limited to other types of internet-connected devices such as smartphones or computers.

2. Printers Are Connected To Your Organization's Wider Internet Network

It is bad when hackers spy on documents that are stored inside of a printer. Even worse than that is a hacker only needs one unsecured device in order to obtain access to an organization's entire network. Only one unsecured printed can potentially leave your whole network being made vulnerable to a nefarious attack via the unprotected 'back door." This type of breach can have devastating consequences. It can, at the very least, open your network up to cybercriminals and allow them to be able to spy on your entire organization. Beyond that, whenever your whole network is compromised via one unsecured printer, that can lead to organizational level ransomware, malware or another kind of attack that may end up being truly debilitating. There have even been reports of hacker perpetrating attacks of 'mass printer trolling' where an organization's complete printing environment is clogged up with often inappropriate and strange print jobs.

3. Not Every Threat Is External Or Digitally-Based

Incidental theft or document snooping can be a serious problem in industries that are highly regulated such as healthcare, where just one brief look at information that is protected by HIPAA can be worthy of an infraction. Similarly, document theft may create compliant and security scenarios that are problematic for businesses in numerous industries. If private financial or health information is shared accidentally within your organization through an error in your print room, particularly in a crowded, busy setting such as a hospital where there is minimal privacy- you could end up with entirely homegrown print-security issues. For more information on Houston multifunctional printers, please feel free to call us now or contact Advanced Business Copier today! Visit our blog for more related articles!