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About Us Blog A Deeper Understanding About Printer Head Cleaning Solution In Houston

Knowing What Does Houston Printer Head Cleaning Solution Contain

Printer heads or print heads are tiny, specialized nozzles used by modern inkjet printer designs produced by companies like Canon and Epson. Printer heads are designed to dispense various ink colors from installed cartridges onto paper. To minimize smear and blockage most printer heads, especially those for home printers, are designed to automatically clear any trace amounts of ink during each power cycle. however, when the ink dries up (particularly when the printer has been inoperative for a long period of time) it can clog printer head nozzles beyond the ability of the printer to clear the blockage on its own resulting in partially printed or smeared documents. In these instances a commercial inkjet solution can clear the blockage, restoring the printer's ability to function properly again. Printer head cleaning solution is usually made of ingredients that can commonly found, many of which you may probably already have in your home. Printer head cleaning solution made at home can be just as effective as the commercial products available at office supply stores. Basically, printer head cleaner is a solution formulated to dissolve or break up dried ink that has built up on the nozzles of inkjet printers, regardless of strength level or brand type. Printer head solutions are usually detergent-based but can also contain stronger components such as isopropyl alcohol or ammonia depending on the type of ink used. For example, less harsh compounds are required to clear water-based inks while stronger compounds such as alcohol will be required for genuine ink. Regardless of the type of ink or the cleaning solution, the process of unblocking the nozzles is the same - the cleaning solution is forced through the nozzles of the print head where it breaks up any ink particles and flushes out the residue that has been interfering with the proper function of the printer.

Printer Head Cleaner Components

Any printer head cleaning solution has pure, distilled water as a base component. Other components such as soap detergent, isopropyl alcohol or aqueous ammonia are added to create a solution that will effectively dissolve dried ink residue from the blocked printer head nozzles of your printer. Although precise ingredients and ratios differ based on the type of print head cleaner designed to clear certain types of ink, most, if not all types of cleaning solutions will contain the basic components of either detergent, alcohol, or ammonia in distilled water.

DIY Printer Head Cleaner

Because the basic ingredients used in printer head cleaning solutions are readily available, it is easy to produce a DIY version from the comfort of your own home. Here are the steps on how to go about it:

  • Fill a glass jar or similar container with clean bottled or distilled water.
  • Add about 3 drops of liquid dishwashing detergent to the water.
  • Then add about 4 teaspoons of isopropyl alcohol available from most drugstores.
  •  Mix all the ingredients together by stirring with a spoon.

This recipe will produce a DIY solution that will function in exactly the same way as a commercially produced printer head cleaner. Use this solution whenever dried ink causes a blockage in the printer head nozzles of your home printer. For more information on some of your other options for office supplies, please contact us or call now! Visit our blog for more related articles!