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Try This Houston Office Furniture Makeover to Boost Your Productivity and Health

Chairs, desks, business printers and other workstation items that are designed poorly can have profound effects on your productivity and health, no matter what your age or occupation. To improve your physical and mental wellness, consider these ergonomic alternatives to the traditional office equipment.

Pick Seating That Promotes Better Posture

Ergonomic seating is not a fad. Retailers, from green boutiques to superstores, sell chairs that are designed to minimize stress on your body. Do your tasks involve leaning forward, such as assembly or lab work? Consider a chair with a backrest that can double as a chest rest. As a musician, does your instrument playing require a significant range of motion? Try a chair that provides stability for your hips and lumbar region, and a narrow backrest so you can move your torso and arms freely. Here's an idea: ditch your chair completely, and give an exercise ball a go. It will promote balance and strengthen your core while you work. By selecting seating that is supportive and comfortable, your job performance may improve.

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Adjust Your Desk

Sitting for extended periods of time decreases circulation and may lead to a variety of ailments, including obesity, high blood pressure, joint pain, and fatigue. If you want to improve your well-being, stand at your desk. Try a sit-stand Workstation, where you can change the height of your desk throughout the day. The mechanism used to move your work surface up and down can either be a manual crank, an electric motor, or a pneumatic device. Before deciding on a model, make sure it can support the weight of your computer, printer, and any other items you typically place on your desk. Proponents of the sit-stand workstation believe that alternating your position throughout the day results in better cognitive function. Also, the increase in activity may lead to weight loss and fewer aches and pains.

Walk While You Work

You can take your upright workstation a step further. Office equipment designers now offer a way to exercise while you work: an adjustable-height desk that is sold with a treadmill, or a desk that accommodates your existing treadmill underneath. Start by choosing a desk shape that suits your needs. Some have flat fronts while others are curved so you have additional, reachable workspace to your right and left. For safety, some manufacturers place rubber padding on the edge of the desk. There are many treadmill features to consider. The more costly models include a quiet, maintenance-free motor, a belt that automatically stops if you step off it, side rails, and a digital display to record your speed, distance, and calories burned. Enthusiasts report that walking while working is not only good for their health, but it makes them feel more focused and energized too.

Little Changes Make a Big Difference

When office equipment isn't ergonomically designed, injuries to your musculoskeletal and nervous systems may result. Place your computer on a monitor am so you can adjust the angle, depth, and height of your screen. Try an ergonomic keyboard, one that is designed to correct the position of your wrists while typing. Invest in a rocking footrest to improve circulation in your legs. And surround yourself with superior task lighting so there's no strain involved in viewing work. Don't let your poorly designed office furniture adversely affect your work rate and well-being. Pick seating that promotes better posture, adjust your desk, walk while you work, and make smart ergonomic changes to your desk accessories. Your office furniture makeover will benefit both your productivity and health. Contact Advanced Business Copier or call us today for more information on how to make your Houston business a more efficient one!