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About Us Blog How Businesses Can Benefit From Multifunction Printer In Houston Pt 2

Key Advantages Of Multifunction Printers For Your Business

Part 2

(Continuation)Additionally, they offer better control of the print environment, meaning that your firm can track its printing costs and no longer overlook or underestimate them.

Ease Of Use

Your office employees only need to learn one interface, making multifunction printers user-friendly and efficient. MFPs have easy-to-use navigation interfaces and intuitive color touchscreens. Users can master the easy-to-understand interface to perform all copying, printing, and scanning needs using a single action. This boosts efficiency in the office and keeps the work flowing as employees will spend less time learning the interface and more time on other tasks.

Choosing The Right Multifunction Printer For Your Business

There are many types of printers on the market, each with different capabilities. This can make shopping for the best multifunction printer overwhelming. Understanding the basic features of a multifunction printer helps you make an informed choice that will transform your firm into a productivity powerhouse. Here are a few key features to keep in mind when choosing a multifunction printer for your office:

Laser Vs. Inkjet

Laser printers combine the use of high heat and toner. On the other hand, inkjet technology involves the use of liquid ink and digital print heads. You need to distinguish the two and figure out how each will better fit your company’s needs.


You need to assess your firm’s output requirements. Does your company deal with high volumes? Or do you run a smaller nonprofit? Determining the out requirements of your organization can help you pick the appropriate multifunction printer.


While multifunction printers have higher scanning resolutions and better output quality than desktop printers, you need to define your resolution needs. A digital design firm may require accurate color representation, while an accounting firm will require enough black and white resolutions for digital documents.

Energy Star Certifications

An energy-efficient device means reduced utility costs, so make sure to check the multifunction printer’s energy star certification. A multifunction printer with energy-saving features such as sleep mode, save modes, and duplex printing will lower overall operating costs and increase sustainability.

Print Speed

Another significant aspect to consider is the print speed. The print speed of a printer is indicated in the specs sheet as print-per-minute or “ppm.” A fast multifunction printer can ensure your workflow runs smoothly; however, if you don’t print high volumes, a device with moderate speeds will suffice.


Most multifunction devices and digital copiers come with internal memory that enables them to store significant volumes of data. The internal memory size may be indicated on the specs sheet as either SSDs, HDDs, RAM, or standard memory storage for each model. If your firm has high-volume printing requirements, consider a multifunction printer with a high memory capacity to ensure smooth workflow. Multifunction printers are excellent solutions for companies with demanding but generalized image and printing needs. They combine simplicity and efficiency to offer crucial features for a modern office. As reputable multifunction printer dealers, we take pride in our customized office products and solutions. If you want to learn more about high-quality printers, copiers, and other discount office equipment, get in touch and request a quote!