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About Us Blog How Do A Houston Printers Actually Work?

Complete Ideas On How A Copier Works

When it comes to technology, printing machines generally fall into two different categories: laser and inkjet.

The Basic Introduction

The way that printers operate is relatively simple. Essentially, a printer works by converting text and digital images into a physical copy (onto paper). This is made possible with specialized software or a driver that is designed to change these files into something the printer is able to understand. The text or image is then printed (recreated) on a page using a sequence of minuscule dots. The main difference between the different types of printers is the technique used to transfer these tiny dots onto the pages.

Inkjet Printers

The inkjet printer features printer heads that contain multiple tiny holes. These minuscule openings drop tiny ink droplets at a high speed onto a piece of paper or any other paper format. The inkjet machines use liquid inks that are either liquids that contain suspended solid pigments or a type of colored dye. When the printer head starts moving in a horizontal direction, the paper will pass perpendicularly through it. As these pages start passing through, the holes inside the printer head will activate, which deposits the ink onto a page.

LED Or Laser

LED and Laser machines work like the inkjet printers work where the images contain thousands of dots that look like solid images. However, with this method, the tiny dots created are vastly different. Where the inkjet printers use thousands of liquid dots, the laser machines use dots that are made from toner, which are fine powders derived from solid particles. In comparison to inkjet machines, laser printers are far more complex and the process contains more steps. The lasers rely on various stages during each process when compared to the inkjet machines. To put it simply, these processes use a "light source" (LED/laser), mono (drum), or color (multiple drums), and toner. To create images on a page, the drum will first charge before the LED or laser shines over the drum, in an outline for the intended images.

Solid Ink

Only available from Xerox, the solid ink printers use a method that combines printing methods from both the laser and inkjet printers or machines. Solid wax melts and is then sprayed into the large drum unit that uses a printer head that is similar to the type found in the inkjet printers. The images are then recreated onto large metallic rollers that transfer the image to the page. Once the ink is dry, the image left behind is made from a substance that is almost waxy or crayon-like. Solid ink printers are mainly used to produce colorful and vibrant prints that stand out. Call or contact Advanced Business Copier today for more information. Visit our blog for more related articles.