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Fix A Paper Jam With These 4 Easy Steps

When operating any printer, it is inevitable that you will experience a paper jam. In some cases, it is the equipment's fault where rollers become old and they are no longer able to hold the paper; however, it can also be the user's fault where they believe using torn paper is fine. Regardless of who is at fault, at some point, the paper will become stuck in your copier. The majority of paper jams are simple to deal with - you merely need to look for the blinking spot on the control panel, open up the equipment to that area and remove the paper. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and it may be necessary to make certain adjustments with the more modern Houston printer. In this article, Advanced Business Copiers will provide you with the information you need to help you keep your Houston printer from jamming. You will also learn how to fix a paper jam easily.

1. Locate And Remove The Paper Stuck In The Loading Tray

You want to start off by removing any of the loose paper in the tray where the paper is loaded and press the "resume" button on the front of the equipment. If the paper jam is removed, allow the printer to move freely. If this is not the case, check then you will want to remove the stuck paper one sheet at a time beginning with the middle paper. After doing so, check for any remaining pieces of paper. If the paper jam is cleared, the printer carriage will be able to move freely. If your Houston printer remains jammed, move along to the following section or contact us today if you are interested in buying a new one.

2. Clearing The Paper Jam Approaching From The Back Of Your Houston Printer

If you are unable to access the paper jam from the front-loading tray, then it is recommended that you approach the paper jam from the rear of the printer. Typically, the back of this piece of equipment presents with an access door around the back or a two-sided printing accessory.

   A. To Remove The Rear Access Panel, You Can Follow These Instructions:

  • Locate the access tab or knob on the rear area of the printer either by or on the panel. If the item is a knob, move it across to the unlocked position.
  • Once the rear access panel is unlocked, remove the panel and pull out the jammed paper carefully.
  • Locate and remove all pieces of paper remaining, including the thin and small pieces.
  • Replace the panel and secure it to the rear of the printer

   B. For Removal Of The 2 Sided Printing Accessory, Follow These Instructions:

  • Press the release buttons available on both ends of the module simultaneously and remove the accessory.
  • Remove the printer panel and begin to remove all of the jammed paper carefully.
  • Locate all small pieces of paper remaining and clear them away carefully.
  • Push back the module onto the printing accessory and snap it into place.
  • Press the button at the top of the module, thereby releasing the door.
  • Remove the panel and pull out all jammed paper carefully.
  • Clear small pieces of paper that remain carefully.
  • Close the rear module door and shut it tightly.

3. Removing The Paper From Underneath The Front Cover

If all of the above steps have failed, it may be necessary to remove the paper jam by pulling the paper out from below the equipment's front cover. This needs to be done very slowly and carefully! As stated above, this procedure is not always recommended and should only be used as a final resort when all else has failed. If you are using a laser printer, then you may need to remove the toner cartridge before full access to the jammed paper is possible.

4. Ensuring The Print Carriage Can Move Easily

To ensure that the printer carriage can move easily, disconnect the printer from its power source by separating the power outlet from the printer's power cord. Then view the print carriage to see if it moves from one side of the printer to the other or out of sight. Do not force the carriage it is appears stuck as this could further damage the equipment. When the paper jam is resolved, try testing the printer. Remember to then remove the printer's ink cartridges carefully and remove any paper from the loading tray without removal of the drawer.  This will make the process easier for you. Also be mindful of moving away from the two-sided printer module or the rear access door. Do this so the rear access door is not standing in your way. Then, using your fingers rotate the printer rollers toward the top of the item for approximately three rotations. After you do this you want to then replace the two-sided printer module or rear access door and the printer's ink cartridges. Finally, once you have done all of the things we just went over, make sure to reconnect the printer to the power socket and restart it. For more information on our Houston printers and fixing a paper jam, visit our blog. If you would like to speak with a professional Houston printer specialist, contact Advanced Business Copiers by calling us at (281) 397-7429.