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About Us Blog Important Things To Consider When Purchasing Houston Copier Pt 2

8 Factors To Consider When Buying The Ideal Printer In Houston

Part 2

4. Speed Of Printing

One of the most annoying times is spent waiting patiently for a printer to produce many documents at a plodding speed. The speed of your printer determines the value you get from your printer, especially if you regularly print dozens of many-paged documents. The speed of a printer is expressed in the Pages Per Minute (PPM) metric. However, the print speed varies depending on whether you are producing text pages or image pages. The single PPM rating you find on a printer's box indicates the number of pages of black text the printer can make in one minute. The printing speed in consumer-level inkjet printers varies greatly with PPM scores between 5PPM and 25PPM, depending on the type of inkjet printer in question.

5. Support For Wireless Connection

The other vital deliberation to make before purchasing a printer is the printer's support for the kind of connectivity you want/have. Please consider two aspects of printer connectivity. They are:

  • The location you are going to be printing from to where the user will place the printer
  • The connectible devices that are going to send print commands to the printer

Almost all the printers you will find in the market support wired connectivity with a computer or any other device. For instance, a printer uses a USB Port to connect to a computer. Additionally, some printers work on wireless connections such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. As you increasingly evaluate different printer models, you will also find models that support Google Cloud Print and Apple AirPrint. Bluetooth connectivity is a great option to link the printer with local mobile devices. On the other hand, Cloud Print lets you print documents while you are distantly far from home.

6. Other Features Of Printers

There are other functions for All-in-One printers other than printing paper documents. They include copying, scanning, and sending fax messages. You will be surprised some people still send fax messages. As you would expect, there is an added price premium for the extra features you will find in All-in-One printers. Despite the additional purchase cost, all-in-One printers' added capabilities provide a worthy investment to many users. Additionally, be on the lookout for printers with manufacturer-specific added features like web applications and unique photo printing modes.

7. Acceptable Formats Of Print Paper

Not all printers can work with print papers of legal sizes. Likewise, you are likely to come across all-in-one printers with scanner beds smaller than the legal-size documents. Some models in the high-end market for all-in-one printer machines feature a feeding tray to feed the scanner. You could use this feeding tray to scan more significant documents or pile several paper documents and scan them into one PDF file.

8. Compact, Portability, Or Desktop Design

The printers in the market have varying weights, shapes, and sizes. Several versions of compact-type printers can fit in a small space in your office/home. With small-type printers, the user may have to forego the scanning and copying functionalities but will end up with a good and portable printer. On the other end of the size continuum are the considerably big printers. These printers are targeted at small-office space users and would be unsuitable for home printing needs. Remember the aesthetic quality of all technology; technology should look great and fit in your home or office décor.

Which Is the Best Printer Option for You?

There are many factors to evaluate before recommending the ideal printer for you. We recommend applying the criteria we have provided above to measure the pros and cons of the printer models available for you in the market. Contact us today or call us now if you are planning to buy a new business printer. Missed the first part of this article? Click here!