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Copier Leasing In Houston: What You Need To Know

For a small to medium-sized enterprise, owning a copier can be an expensive affair. Your profitable limits may be exceeded when it comes to raising the funds for the initial purchase. The resulting financial burden is even higher, given the maintenance and supply costs associated to copy machines. Enterprises can, however, get, at lower upfront and maintenance costs, the office equipment they need. When it comes to copier machine leasing in Houston, here is everything enterprises should know.

Initial Investment

Enterprises may be unable to meet the initial cost of buying a copier due to the fact that these machines tend to be relatively expensive. Most businesses usually focus on funding new profitable opportunities. Leasing office equipment is a great solution since technology is always changing. Businesses are able to preserve the resources needed to take advantage of emerging business opportunities, by simply choosing to avoid the purchase of costly office equipment. For all the organizations operating in Houston, leasing copiers is a great way to meet these requirements at a substantially reduced cost.

Freeing Up Your Budget

Instead of purchasing a copier through one large payment, leasing helps eliminate budget concerns as enterprises can adopt a suitable payment schedule. This frees up financial resources for use in other business areas. Details such as the supply costs, payment schedule, and maintenance fees are all set out in the lease agreement. In case of a rise in interest rates, the flexibility of a copy machine lease does not affect the specified payment amounts.

Copier Servicing And Maintenance In Houston

Sophisticated copiers are known for their demanding operating and maintenance requirements. These complicated machines are prone to breakdowns as a result of jams. A service agreement can be included in the provisions of a lease agreement, in most cases. General maintenance, breakdowns and toner replacement are all included in a service agreement. In comparison to making an outright purchase for a copier, leasing results in lower maintenance costs. With lower maintenance costs, more capital is freed up for use in other business-related expenditures.

Technological Advantages

Technological advancements usually cause copiers to lose their value over time. The outright purchase of a copy machine decreases the upgrade options available for enterprises. This leaves entities with a single option of purchasing a new machine. Furthermore, removing an old copy machine can increase enterprise expenditures. On the other hand, lease agreements include an option for future upgrades. The ability to upgrade to the latest technology can substantially reduce the final operating cost.

Tax Advantages

Leasing a copier, as opposed to making an outright purchase comes with distinct tax advantages. You are only allowed to deduct the copier’s depreciation charge if you have purchased it. For the first year, this charge is 40% and 25% for each of the remaining years. On the other hand, lease payments are considered to a deductible expense. As such, you can deduct the whole lease payment. These are the main points that make a point of leasing a copier. Leasing, instead of purchasing a copier gives enterprises opportunities to enjoy various advantages. Since leasing is cost-effective, it’s considered to be an economical alternative for businesses. Service clauses are also included in lease agreements, with regard to the upgrade and maintenance of copiers. Leasing copy machines are common with businesses in the Houston area for these reasons. Advanced Business Copier is here to cater to the needs of local enterprises. Having worked with both large and small enterprises, Advanced Business Copier has established itself as the biggest independent dealer in Houston. To learn more, contact Advanced Business Copier today or call us now.