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Whether you’re an established enterprise or a growing startup, flexible communications solutions can move your Houston-area business forward. With On Demand leasing of award-winning Kyocera Copystar digital copiers and printers, Advanced Business Copier Business Solutions makes your job easier by making your workspace smarter.


With our multiple leasing options, your day-to-day digital business communication needs are met without the burden of equipment ownership. We have a comprehensive inventory of low- to high-volume black-and-white and color copiers, multifunctional products, and printers that deliver superior performance and proven productivity. 


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Commercial Copier Lease & Rental​ FAQs

Many businesses either buy office equipment or use the local copy center to print, scan, and copy documents. While this can be a good start, it is not a great way to grow. Running to the store gets expensive, and owning outright is costly.

There are many benefits to leasing copiers and other office equipment. Here are three examples:


Technology is continually evolving. Today’s innovative product is often obsolete before it’s out of the box and setup. With leasing, you can have the latest models in your workplace when you want, without spending the many thousands of dollars needed to buy them.


When you’re down to the wire, dealing with a sharp upturn in copying, scanning, or printing, you can count on Advanced Business Copier Solutions to get you through it. We can provide proven equipment to meet short and long-term needs professionally and efficiently.


Leasing enables you to get needed equipment quickly and affordably. This is ideal for any size business.


Although leasing office equipment has an array of advantages, you need the right leasing partner to maximize them. Unlike other companies, we believe in Service After the Sale.

Advanced Business Copier Business Solutions understand that every business is different. We strive to offer office equipment rental solutions that make your business more agile and run more efficiently. Here’s why you should lease from us:

Solutions-Oriented Approach 

Advanced Business Copier Business Solutions isn’t like any other Houston commercial copier provider. Our professionals are dedicated to understanding your technological requirements. If you’re unsure of what you need, tell us what you do and the challenges you face. We’ll take it from there, do the research, and offer high-value, low-cost solutions. 


We have the industry’s most comprehensive line of award-winning Kyocera Copystar digital copiers, multifunctional products, and printers. Regardless of what you need, our team can help optimize your communication capabilities.

Custom Leasing Options 

Our rental agreements are tailored to suit client needs, not ours. Whether you want scheduled equipment upgrades, dependable maintenance plans, or flexible rental terms, we’re happy to meet your needs.

Client-First Approach 

Our knowledgeable, highly trained experts explain all available leasing options. This frees you to manage your business, and not the office copier and printers.

Competitive Pricing 

In this competitive business environment, turning a profit can be challenging. At Advanced Business Copier Business Solutions, we don’t try to stretch your finances. Our team takes pride in meeting your needs while staying within budget or even under it. 

At Advanced Business Copier Business Solutions, we want to develop meaningful, long-term relationships with our clients. Not simple business arrangements.

All agreements are fully customizable to meet your needs, from equipment type and quantity to lease terms and a flexible maintenance plan.

Reach new operational performance levels with Kyocera Copystar digital copier, multifunctional product, and printer rentals from Advanced Business Copier Business Solutions. With us, your business needs are covered.

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  • We also offer business telephone systems and IT Managed service that can be combined for one monthly lease payment

Quick Answer: The main differences between leasing and renting a photocopier comes down to adaptability as well as expense. Lease arrangements have a tendency to be longer-term and much less flexible than rental arrangements; the additional versatility of renting out can come at a premium though.

If you are leasing a high-technology item of tools, you will possibly have an operating lease. For instance, if you are leasing copiers for your workplace, you possibly have an operating lease. If you are renting a piece of machinery that you intend to utilize for a very long time, you possibly have a funding lease.

Leasing equipment rather of purchasing has distinctive tax benefits. When leasing, the repayments are taken into consideration to be a pre-tax overhead which indicates each time you make a payment, you can deduct the whole settlement. Nevertheless, when you purchase the photocopier you can just subtract the equipment’s devaluation worth.

Audit: Lease thought about a property (rented asset) as well as responsibility (lease payments). Payments are shown on the equilibrium sheet. Tax: As an owner, the lessee claims devaluation cost, as well as passion expenditure.

Negative aspects to Leasing: In the long run, renting or leasing generally costs you more than just buying a photocopier outright. The biggest problem though to buying a photocopier outright is you will not get the same type of service agreement from the company as if you lease. You can always purchase an additional service plan for your copier, but this will cost you additional money.

Gradually, the rented property is depreciated as well as guide value declines. An asset needs to be exploited if: The lessee automatically gains possession of the possession at the end of the lease. The lessee can acquire the asset at a deal price at the end of the lease.

A lease program enables you to pay on the machine towards the eventual goal of owning it or until you want to trade it in for a more recent model (really similar to a vehicle lease). Also like a vehicle lease, you can pick to buy your photocopier at any factor prior to the lease runs out or at the end of your leasing duration.