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About Us Blog Essential Things To Know About Houston Managed Services Pt 2

What are Managed Services in Houston

Part 2

Benefits of Working With a Managed Services Provider

Some of the benefits of working with a managed services provider are as follows:

  • Better cost-efficiency - You will receive 24 x 7 monitoring from a professional team without spending heavily on an in-house team.
  • Greater expertise - You don’t have to rely on a few people for your company’s data and network security. Instead, an experienced team will handle that job.
  • Increased security - A managed services provider will appoint an entire team to take care of your company’s online security.
  • Predictable pricing - Unplanned or emergency IT repairs may turn out to be highly expensive. You can save that money by outsourcing the job to the managed services provider. It is the responsibility of the service provider to make sure that all its systems are working properly.
  • Reduced risk - 24 x 7 monitoring, streamlined processes, and a highly experienced team are the backbone of a managed services company. These ensure that cybercriminals cannot breach your company’s security easily.
  • Detailed service agreements - Salaried in-house employees have to focus instantly on the emergency at hand. It becomes challenging to balance all the departments efficiently. But managed services involve a big team that can oversee all the departments instead of focusing on one emergency.
  • After hours and holiday support - Your employees may go for a holiday during festivals. That may make your company’s network vulnerable. However, with managed services, you can expect after-hour and holiday support throughout the year.
  • Higher standards of certification - Managed services providers usually have up-to-date certifications as they constantly have to work with the latest technologies. This means you can expect advanced solutions for your company’s security when you hire a managed services provider.

Are the design and implementation of IT Services included in Managed Services?

Many people question whether the design and implementation of IT services fall within the category of managed services or not. Although managed services traditionally include services of already-implemented IT systems, a few services providers now offer design and implementation services so that companies can consider them as their go-to partners for IT service needs.

Service With a Solution

Advanced Business Copier Business Solution, the leaders in managed services, provide various technologies that will keep our clients ahead of their competitors within the respective industries. Some of the technologies that we offer are VoIP business telephone, managed print, printers, and office copiers. We also provide multiple leasing options that fit your budget. It may include a combination of products and services that prevent you from the hassle of working with several vendors. Our company has more than 30 years of experience in IT solutions. We have experienced VoIP technicians and factory-trained copier repair specialists who can keep the machines in your company running smoothly. We also allow you to interact with our IT experts who can help in keeping your company’s network secure and also offer cloud backup, Office 365 migration, data recovery, and antivirus installation. Our sales team will talk you through the steps to manage different aspects of your business efficiently, while also giving you enough time to plan on how to make your company grow.