How many articles printed in Houston’s newspaper on average?

How many articles printed in Houston’s newspaper on average?

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Every single day, Houston’s newspaper tends to produce a huge number of words talking about many different topics. Even though you may already know this fact, you may not really understand just how much story is told in this newspaper every single day. On an average basis, it was found that Houston’s newspaper tends to publish an average of 1,200 different stories or less which also includes different videos making use of different kinds of graphics as well. With this kind of rough estimate, the next question that you may have in your mind is whether or not this is true or not.

In Comparison

When a much deeper research was done, it was found that the newspaper tends to cover more or less 400 stories in a single day. Even though this is just an average and the number might be less, it is still clear to see just how many stories Houston’s newspaper tends to cover on a daily basis. If a popular paper like the New York Times is able to publish a total of 150 articles in a single day, then how many articles would Houston’s newspaper be able to cover in a single day? It was found that the paper covered a rough estimate of about 90 to 100 different articles in a single day. Also, the number of blog posts which was said to be at least 50 or less in a day is still something that should be looked further into.


If the information that was given were coming directly from one of the publishers or editorial staff, then the rough word estimate would not have been used at all. A big newspaper company tends to publish at least 330 basic graphics in a single month which is why the number should be lesser when it comes to Houston’s newspaper. The total number of pieces that are used in multimedia every single day should not be less than five. In fact, the number should be higher than five considering that it is one of the most common newspapers in the city of Houston.


The growth of Houston’s newspaper has also been a positive one. The entire publishing team and editors have worked closely together for the longest time so as to ensure that they are able to give all the residents of Houston the right kind of information and news just the way they come in. Even though as you may already know most media companies have their own faults, Houston’s newspaper has been able to rise above all their problems and have still been able for the longest time to serve the residents of Houston and Texas.

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