How many pounds of shredded paper do recycling facilities receive in Houston?

How many pounds of shredded paper do recycling facilities receive in Houston?

Commercial Printers Tend To Push Out Lots Of Paper –  We Need To Be Able To Shred and Reuse It

  • Finding a professional recycling provider in Houston, TX can take care of all the shredded paper your business is looking to get rid of

  • An affordable or inexpensive way to reduce the amount of shredded paper your business is having to recycle is by looking for a solution with office equipment rental services. Digital printers tend to provide a business with access to electronic database features as well as the means to print something on paper, in the event that it is needed

  • Recycling specialists can be located all through Houston, TX and are a good route for preserving not only paper usage but the world as a whole

According to a study that was carried out, it was found out that Americans tend to make use of a total of around 85,000,000 tons in a year which is equivalent to a total of 680 pounds for every single person. When you talk about a single household, then they were found to have thrown an average of 13,000 separate pieces of paper every single year. Most of the paper that is thrown by many households have been found to be either junk mail or packaging. The number of pounds that different recycling facilities will receive highly depends on just how much load they have or rather the area in which they tend to collect the shredded paper.

Each ton of shredded paper which is equivalent to a total of 2000 pounds can end up saving a total of 380 gallons of oil, 17 trees, 4000 kilowatts of energy, three cubic yards of space in landfills and also a total of 7000 gallons of water. What this estimation represents is that there is going to be a total of 58% of water savings, 64% of energy savings and a total of 60 pounds less in the air that is polluted. The shredded paper that recycling facilities receive does a lot to the environment. What this means is that the 17 trees that are going to be saved tend to absorb a total of around 250 pounds of carbon monoxide which is normally on the air every single year. Burning this same amount of paper would end up producing a total of 1500 pounds of carbon monoxide which not only has a negative effect on the environment but to the population as well.

The Impact Of Shredding On The Environment

If you are wondering if shredding has any impact on the environment, then the answer is yes. Recycling shredded paper is very beneficial especially if the recycling that is going to take place will be done on all the paper that is going to be shredded. Businesses and companies in Houston and other states that tend to recycle their shredded paper are doing a lot of good to the environment. What this means is that the environment is going to be healthy, clean, sustainable and also no recycled paper is going to go to the landfills. What is going to happen is that they are in this case going to go into making different recycled paper products which would have been made from raw materials leading to cutting down of more trees.

All you need to do is to pick a trusted and reputable recycling facility or company which will be able to destroy all your sensitive and confidential documents and paper files for you that you do not need anymore.

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