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About Us Blog Why You Should Buy A Multifunction Printer In Houston

7 Reasons To Invest In A Multifunction Printer For Home Use

What Is A Multi-Function Printer(MFP)?

A multifunction printer is just that, a printer equipped with several functions alongside high-quality printing, all in one device. MFPs are capable of, among other things:

  • Scanning
  • Photocopying
  • Email
  • Faxing

Although multifunction printers were initially designed for the office environment (for increased productivity with lower hardware costs), MFPs are becoming increasingly popular with home users. Thankfully, home users can experience all the benefits of multifunctional printers without breaking the bank. Outlined below are some of the benefits of investing in an MFP at home.

1. It Saves Space

The all-in-one printer is designed to be compact while delivering the same efficiency as several office devices, such as scanners and fax machines. Thanks to its compact design, an MFP can fit in almost any space, whether it the corner of your kitchen, the living room, or your home office, and sit there discreetly. Whether working from a dedicated home office or cleared some space in the bedroom for the same, an MFP will come in handy. Multifunction printers eliminate the need to squeeze several devices into your already limited space.

2. Saves Money

Setting up a dedicated home office can be quite costly, especially if you have to equip it with all the necessary office equipment. The cost of all this equipment can quickly go through the roof. Although multifunction printers can be more expensive than the standard printer, it is more cost-effective than purchasing individual office equipment. In addition, it eliminates the cost of purchasing fax machines and scanners, making it much cheaper to buy.

3. It Is Energy Efficient

Multifunction printers are beyond doubt more energy efficient than having all three standalone devices (printer, scanner, fax) plugged in at the same time. With energy a recurring expense, you want to keep energy consumption to the minimum – an MFP provides unrivaled energy savings.

4. Convenience

A multifunction printer is more efficient and helps improve productivity as compared to having several devices for the same purpose. An MFP makes it possible to print a document, scan it, and even fax it with just a touch of a button. This eliminates all the steps you would have to take between devices, saving you lots of time in the long run.

5. Minimal Repairs & Servicing Costs

A multifunction printer requires minimal repairs as compared to 3 separate devices. In addition to this, you will only get to pay for one device's servicing costs. In other words, the technician will have an easier time servicing and repairing an all-in-one device as compared to handling all three.

6. Mobile/Wireless Connectivity

Most of the MFPs produced in the past 3 years have both mobile and wireless connectivity built-in. This means you can work remotely and even print documents without necessarily having to be physically present. You can thus print work documents while on the road and be assured to find them waiting for you on the printer's tray. All you need is to make sure the printer has enough printing papers to avoid any inconveniences.

7. MFPs Are Faster Than Standalone Printers

Although designed to handle the work of 3 different devices, MFPs are considerably more powerful, hence faster than their competition. Moreover, these printers have powerful processors and chips that have helped earn MFPs a place in the world-leading print technology. You can thus be assured of improved performance and higher-quality prints with a multifunction printer. Call or contact Advanced Business Copier today for more information. Visit our blog for more related articles.