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About Us Blog Distinguishing Multifunction Printers From Standard Copiers In Houston Pt 1

Multifunction Printers & Standard Copiers: What To Choose?

Part 1


Are you using a dated copier and feel it is time for an upgrade but wondering if you should get another copier or bump up the functionality of what you will be using? If you are considering something better, then go for a multifunction printer. But what makes the multifunction printer different from the standard copier? The standard office copier has become a workplace mainstay, but the malfunctioning printer is also a staple. The terms used to describe either device are different thus cannot be used interchangeably. You can use either for printing - producing paper copies, and both need toners. However, those are the primary similarities, things take different directions from there, and their disparities are more than you might think.

1. Function

The standard copier is built as a standalone device designed for making print copies. But the game is different when using a Multifunction Printer. The Multifunction Printer will copy, scan, print, fax, and do other tasks. Some copiers might do colored print, but many conventional ones produce black and white copies. The multifunction printer delivers on both fronts, and you can generate high-quality prints, with the quality varying depending on the unit you are using.

2. Speed

Since copiers generally handle a specific task, they at times will print faster than their multifunctional counterparts. Hence, the copier will be the ideal option when making hundreds of copies while pressed for time. It will edge out the multifunction printer. Nevertheless, the time savings will seem insignificant when running a couple of dozen copies using a Multifunction Printer instead of the standard copier.

3. Ease Of Use

The first Multifunction Printers were bulky and difficult to switch between modes, like from scan to print. However, the tech behind these devices has advanced, making the Multifunction Printers more user-friendly and efficient. Copiers are riddled with buttons and settings that can make a straightforward coping task a daunting job. Luckily, the modern multifunction printer is designed with the user in mind to ensure they can copy and print a document with the press of a button.

4. Widespread Usage

The functional diversity the Multifunction Printers provide is why more people and businesses are shifting from the standard copiers. Today's' workplace strives for streamlined productivity, which facilitates better productivity. That means they want resources (machines and tools) that work fast and smoothly; hence, the increasing reliance on multifunction printers to scan printed documents that they can fax or email, and even have PDF versions they can store. Call or contact Advanced Business Copier today to talk to our professionals for any help you need on buying a printer for your business in Houston. To read more on this article, click here! Visit our blog for more related articles.