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About Us Blog Distinguishing Multifunction Printers From Standard Copiers In Houston Pt 2

Multifunction Printers & Standard Copiers: What To Choose?

Part 2


(Continuation) However, the standard copiers are also deployed for the bulky print jobs that entail printing hundreds of copies. You cannot find a dependable machine that can make copies with no email, scan, print, etc. Moreover, the transition to green initiatives, digital documentation, and lowering dependency on paper are reasons more companies are switching to multifunction printers.

5. Cost

The Multifunction Printer, at times called the printer copier, is costlier than its basic black and white copier, with the price difference even ranging at the thousands of dollars because of the superior functional diversity the Multifunction Printer offers. Also, the various multifunction printers with different modes and functions come at different prices. Nevertheless, you might find that some of the best Multifunction Printers are affordable. Your office needs will influence your choice, and you could opt for a lease agreement if the device you want is expensive. Some sellers might not offer such payment terms, requesting buyers to make full payment. Another issue that might influence printer prices is whether the device you are purchasing is a color laser or inkjet printer, the latter being more expensive to operate per sheet because the inkjet cartridges are not cheap.

6. Size

Multifunction devices have shrunk as technology has evolved/advanced over the years, and the adoption of these tools and machines has also grown in equal measure. By today's standards, the copier might be considered a bulky machine because some models require their own rooms, "the copy room." The small and light multifunction laser printer, for instance, can fit on a desk and be moved around the office. However, the need for either the standard copier or the multifunction printer boils down to your office's paper capacity.

Copier Vs. Printer? The Verdict

You can determine what you get that best suits your needs once you understand how the standard copier is different from the multifunction printer regarding the diversity in ease of use, functions, cost, speed, size, and widespread usage. For instance, if your office runs hundreds of copies a day without specific demands on print quality, then the standard copier will suffice. If the output demand is hundreds of copies in a week, you could do with a multifunction printer. However, if the same number of copies must be done in a high DPI with high color depth, consider getting an advanced production printer. Get in touch with Advanced Business Copiers today if you are interested in a standalone copier or multifunction printer. Our technicians are on hand to listen to your needs and expectations and will advise you on the best options after assessing your current or desired office print setup. We also can help your company determine if a Managed Print Solution is the ideal investment. Missed the first part of this article? Click here! Visit our blog for more related articles.