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5 Things To Consider When Choosing An Office Printer Repair Company

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Your office copier sees plenty of daily wear and tear through regular use. When your copier needs extensive repairs or maintenance long overdue, it's crucial to work with a copier repair company that you can trust! With technicians that are both friendly and knowledgeable, you can rest assured that your company copier will function as intended and serve its purpose for many more years to come. From manufacturers to local printer dealers, you can find a number of companies offering repair and maintenance services. Though you have many options to make your selection from, there are a few characteristics you should look for in a company you can trust!

1. Choose A Company With A Guaranteed Response Time

Your multifunction printer or copier is something you've come to rely on for work at the office, so getting it back up and running is a crucial part of your organization's success. When looking at potential technicians to work with, make it a point to select a company that guarantees their response time. Though many will claim they are quick and efficient, very few actually place a guarantee on their promises. If a guarantee is offered, always ask what the guarantee is!

2. Check Office Locations

You not only need a quick response time, but you need a company that operates out of one or more localized offices. There are certain repair companies that only have one office for the entire state, and that means waiting an extended period of time until the technician can drive to your office. At the end of the day, you will discover better response times from companies that operate locally.

3. Remote Troubleshooting Is A Must!

Consider working with a company that offers remote troubleshooting services. That means they can provide tips and advice on how to get your multifunction printer working again by talking you through the steps over the phone. Working directly with a company that offers remote troubleshooting can help you speed up the process of repair services and eliminate the actual need for a service call visit.

4. Inquire About How Parts And Supplies Are Stocked

Having a great response time doesn't mean you're out of the woods yet! It's crucial to work with a company that stocks the necessary supplies in their mobile unit to repair your printer/copier. Having the technicians travel back and forth between your office and theirs will add unnecessary time to the repairs. Always inquire about how many parts and supplies technicians carry in their van before making the decision to work with a company.

5. Choose Offsite Monitoring Services

Selecting a company that offers offsite monitoring and management services will allow you to ensure that technicians can remotely keep an eye on your multifunction printer. Remote monitoring services will allow technicians to raise awareness and offer solutions to problems before they become more serious. Remote diagnostics can allow businesses to save time and money by ensuring that the multifunction printer or copier sees virtually zero downtime. Contact us or call us today for help diagnosing, repairing, retiring, and even replacing your printer. Visit our blog for more related articles!