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About Us Blog Can You Still Use Your Houston Printer Ink Though They're Out of Date?

Insightful Knowledge About Outdated Printer Ink In Houston

Click Inks reports that printer ink, by the ounce, is among the world's most expensive liquid. The average cost of plain black printer ink is $3330.14 per gallon. Due to the price as well as the inconvenience of needing to pay more ink cartridges, you might be tempted to use cartridges that are expired. Whether or not you should use any expired ink will depend on a number of different factors like the project that you are working on, storage, and length of expiration.


If the printer ink is not very long past its expiration date, there is a good chance it is completely usable and is still wet. The reason that printer ink expires is that it slowly dries up and cannot be used for printing documents. For a certain time period, the ink is all wet. Then after a while, parts of it will be wet and parts will be dry, and then eventually the ink will be all be dry. Trying to use expired cartridges should not damage your printer. However, if the ink cartridge is dry, your print job will just not go through.


If the ink cartridges were stored properly, then there is a better chance that they will still after the expiration date. Keep the ink cartridge in an airtight container and keep them away from the sunlight to store ink cartridge and potentially extend the shelf life. Dark areas that are 40 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit are the best. A supply closet can be a good place. Cartridges should also always be stored upright. That helps to keep the sponge inside of the cartridge moist.


When you are printing documents for business purposes it shouldn't be a problem to use an expired cartridge if it has wet ink still. The only types of projects that you should avoid using expired ink are professional printing jobs. That is because expired ink might be streaky or might not look as vibrant compared to fresh ink, and that can affect the appearance of your final product. If you are printing some kind of display of proof or something that is going to be mass produced, then you should use ink still within its expiration date. Highly visible and expensive projects are not something you want to take chances on.

Other Issues

Although you can buy expired ink cartridges online to say money, it is very important to ensure you will be able to use them before buying them. Some printers will prevent expired ink from being used. There is a chip inside of them that signals when ink is expired and will not work. If you buy expired ink, read the reviews of your vendor to ensure you are getting a useable and quality product before making your purchase. Advanced Business Copiers was established in 1992 and our strong commitment to customer service has helped us build a reputation of offering exceptional support well beyond the sale. Our dedicated, talented staff is what allows us to do this.

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