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About Us Blog The Perks Of A Houston Photocopier For Your Business

How to Choose a Photocopier for Your Office In Houston

A photocopier is an essential piece of office equipment for any but the smallest of businesses. Especially in today's digital world, an office copier becomes necessary for scanning large quantities of documents so that they can then be digitally emailed or stored and the originals put away or destroyed to save space. Photocopiers are available in a wide variety of models with a vast array of different features. However, there are some features that every office should consider when purchasing a photocopier because they make life significantly easier:

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Automatic Document Feeder

An ADF will automatically feed up to 50 pages to copy without the worker having to lift and dose the cover manually for every page. That is an invaluable feature if your business frequently deals with handbooks, manuals, or reports.

Image Editing

Any client-based business can benefit from a copier that can edit images before it copies them. A photocopier with image editing can combine two different images to have it print on one page, add watermarks, date stamp, and number pages.

Additional Features

Some other additional features might also be useful depending on your company's niche. Image mirror, image repeat, the creation of booklets, image color inversion, Apple's AirPrint, Android's Android Print, Google's Cloud Print, and Wi-fi printing are just some of the feature that every company should consider when buying a photocopier based on their company's individual needs. You should examine these features when purchasing a copier because they can save your business hours of work. As a result, save the company money.

Buying A Houston Photocopier

When purchasing a copier, it is important to know the suppliers' specifications. This information allows a buyer to make a more informed decision when making a purchase.


Pages per minute is the specification that measures a photocopier's ability to copy and print pages. Black and white copiers are faster than that print in color, and high-resolution printers sacrifice speed for image quality.

Envelope Feeder

Some photocopiers allow for printing to envelopes.

Paper Tray Size

Paper tray size is another important specification of a photocopier, as it should reflect a company's daily printing and copying volume.

Additional Paper Trays

For businesses that frequently use more than one paper size, having trays of various size can save a lot of time. If you use more than one paper size, having trays of various size can save a lot of time.

Manual Bypass Tray

A manual bypass tray allows for a one-time feeding of special paper. It is an excellent choice if your company uses different grades of paper. One-time feeding of special paper. It is an excellent choice if your company uses different grades of paper for special flyers or brochures.


A duplex photocopier can print on both sides of the sheet. You might use this feature frequently, so your employees don't have to flip each page manually. Faxes becoming increasingly less utilized due to email, some companies still rely on faxing.


A photocopier with scan can scan a document either to a network folder or directly to email.


A network interface card allows the copier to become a network printer, which then allows anyone on your network to print to the photocopier. Some photocopiers with NIC can also come with a security feature that requires the user to input a code to print sensitive information.


Finally, the resolution is another important specification to consider when purchasing a photocopier. If you deal with graphics, a high-resolution printer becomes a must. However, these products tend to slow down a photocopier's PPM. When purchasing a copier for your business, it is important to remember that each product comes with different specifications. Knowing the right specifications for your firm will allow you to choose a photocopier that it is the perfect fit for your business and your employees. For more information, please contact us today or call Advanced Business Copier now!