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6 Reasons Why You Need Print Media

Have you been considering advertising using print media but still got cold feet? With many people focused on online marketing, choosing this rather traditional mode of advertising might seem outdated, or so you may think. Unknown to many, print media offer target audiences and customers a brand experience they wouldn't find/get online, making it more attractive today. Here are some of the advantages and reasons to invest in print media publications for long-term returns on investment.

1. Print Is Tangible

Print media (brochures, publications, posters, etc.) are physical items that will remain relevant and useful in offices and homes years after being first printed or received. This is unlike digital marketing materials that fade off into thin air after the promotion period has ended. In addition to this, the printed media can be used to serve other purposes while still driving the intended message.

2. It's Dependable

One of the advantages of tangible marketing media is hanging the piece on the wall or putting it down to resume reading later on. Hundreds or even thousands of people can see a strategically placed poster without it ever getting pushed down/lost like it is with digital media. You can also pick up the printed piece to make the necessary adjustments to serve a specific purpose.

3. It Establishes A Brand

Printed publications provide an excellent way to establish a brand in both existing and new markets. Marketers thus use carefully picked and crafted fonts, images, colors, and textures unique to that specific brand (something they can identify with) for improved perception and recognition.

4. Provides An Avenue To Reach The Target Audience/Market

The exciting and most important part of print media in marketing is that the ads must be strategically placed for optimal exposure to the target audience and market. Marketers thus identify the best place and right time to place these ads, either in newspapers, publications, magazines, or posters, to reach the intended target audience.

5. Print Media Is More Engaging

It takes around 15 seconds for a reader to scan a website before skipping to the next. The same applies to most other advertisements online. The average consumer, however, takes at least 43 minutes to read a magazine. This is because print media is more engaging, and the fact that one can put it down and resume at a later time. The same is hardly possible with digital content and especially advertisements.

6. Print Media Is Gaining Popularity Again

Marketers today use data collected through both offline and online platforms to create captivating print media in the form of ads. Many people also use ad blockers and spam filters to block their inboxes' unsolicited emails and digital newsletters. They, however, gladly read print media for it is less crowded, informative, and has no intrusive ads. This gives you, the marketer, an even greater chance of finding your target audience. Feel free to contact us or call now if you need a new copier. We’re always here to help you! Visit our blog for more related articles.