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About Us Blog Why Printer & Paper Are Still Important In Houston Pt 1

5 Advantages Of Printed Materials

Part 1

Homes and offices becoming paperless settings have been a lengthy discussion, especially since the advent of cloud-based storage and the base at which technology is advancing. The perception that paper use will be a thing of the past seems to become a reality slowly. However, we are confident paper is not going away in your offices or homes any time soon, which means we still will need printers. Below are several reasons supporting this:

1. Mark Up & Reading Convenience

People find it more straightforward to print a document, use a pen or marker to note errors and make changes, highlight sentences, or underline crucial sentences, phrases, or paragraphs. You could do the same things digitally using Microsoft Office, Adobe Reader, and other programs. However, doing these on paper is more appealing – being able to check your work for errors and take the pen and paper with you anywhere, something many people all cherish and enjoy. Stirring at the computer screen for extended periods when reading texts can be detrimental to your eyes. We feel tired that we often skim over documents increased on combing through them keenly. The result is higher chances of missed or overlooked errors. You are less likely to experience these issues when reading printed text, making paper the better option.

2. Cost Issues

Print and paper could be more cost-effective than investing in software and storage solutions. Cloud technology and hard drivers can be an expensive initial setup for most small businesses struggling to find their footing and strive to ensure they are getting a return on investment for every dollar spent. You can draft, scan, and print your documents at a low cost because the paper is cheap. Storage is also not a hustle, and you will have your work readily available. The prints vary in design, capacity, quality, and price. Nevertheless, most of them are inexpensive and easy to set up and maintain.

3. Paper & Digital Can Work Together

Given today's business demands for faster and efficient productivity, it is no surprise that you will find yourself using both print and digital solutions. An excellent example is when you want a contract signed immediately by a client or business partner. You will print the document, append your signature, and fax it using an all-in-one printer (that has a scanner, copier, and fax). It gives you the flexibility of converting printed paper into digital format and vice versa.

4. An Inordinate Marketing Tool

With today's information presented in fascinating ways digitally, nothing beats the personalized feel that comes with handing a person a printed advert or related marketing document. It can be a brochure, flyer, or product report with several pages. People can pick one and take it with them to read at their convenience is a powerful marketing strategy that will not die soon. Moreover, the printed information can be used to support a digital presentation, meaning the two can be used to increase sales leads for your product or service. Call or contact Advanced Business Copier if you need a printer for your home or office. We're here to help you!